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Premiere: Attaque - Over Not Yet

Taken from the UK producer's upcoming album in June.


Dominique Gentry, better known as Attaque, is ready to release some new music. The UK producer has a new album coming in June and in the lead up to that will release four singles. We have the first one and “Over Not Yet” is a brilliant slice of electronica.

The new single builds on his first album and makes it better with hypnotizing electronica, layered melodies and detailed percussion. This is one that can both be danced to and cause you to just zone out.

"In the summer I DJ'ed at a friends wedding, I ended up playing for four hours, not your usual wedding set, but lots of my old 12' breakbeat and jungle records,” Gentry recalls to Magnetic. “There was a real sweet spot in the set where I'd thrown in some really uplifting Underworld tracks. I must of subconsciously been channeling that vibe in the studio as 'Over Not Yet' feels like it encompasses the spirit of that set.”

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"Over Not Yet" will be released this Friday, February 9. His third album will be released in June. It will follow 2014's ON LY OU

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