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Premiere: Codes "Bumps" Is Even More Bumping With A Golf Clap Remix

Golf Clap make a big tune even bigger.
Gold Clap

Golf Clap

Codes “Bumps” was one of those house tracks that didn’t get the final plaudits, but bumped all year long. Now it is getting a rather large remix package with 10 in total, one from Codes and another by Detroit DJs, producers and label owners, Golf Clap, which we are happy to premiere for you today.

The new remix keeps much of the original sound, but then adds a bigger bassline and some swirling fx in the background. It is a bit of g-house, with driving house music and a hint of techno pounding away at your eardrums. The song says it bumps and damn right it does.

“Codes original of “Bumps” was one of our favorite songs of the year. We played it everywhere we went,” says Golf Clap. “We were excited when he asked us to remix it.”

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The 10-track remix pack will be released tomorrow with other reworks by the likes of Craze, Stranger, Smalltown DJs and Aylen. Pre-order the full batch here

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