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Premiere: Fred Falke Brings Disco To Synapson 'Hide Away' Remix

Yet another essential remix from Fred Falke.


There are few producers who can consistently produce as many funky disco and funk records like Fred Falke. His track record is a non-stop dance from one track to the next. That magic is brought to his remix for French duo Synapson and their single “Hide Away.”

Falke keeps things pretty relaxed on his remix, but makes sure it is still dripping with disco flair. Holly’s voice helps to carry the tune in the hook, while Falke’s smooth synth work and funky bassline give the track an irresistible feel.

"Fred Falke is known for his legendary bass lines especially on the track "Intro" in collab with Alan Braxe. That's the same groove he brings to this remix,” Synapson tell Magnetic. “Proud to have him on our remix EP."

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Synapson are prepping for their second album, Super 8, which will be released in the spring. The Fred Falke remix for “Hide Away” will be released as part of a remix package tomorrow, February 23 with others by Cassara, Maruv & Boosin and Sebb Junior.

Do yourself a favor and stream this remix below until it is released tomorrow. 

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