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Premiere: French Horn Rebellion & DeModa Are Really 'Into You'

A summer dance, indie-pop crossover tune that is perfect to send to that special someone.
French Horn Rebellion

French Horn Rebellion

Is it almost summer yet? A trio of New Yorkers are getting in that mindset, despite the cold and rain we have had. Dance-funk duo French Horn Rebellion have teamed up with DeModa on their new collaboration “Into You.”

The new tune is a cheery, summertime house, indie-pop crossover, with a light and bubbly piano melody, a funky bassline and vocals that are perfect for sending to that special someone.

“For me, ‘Into You’ is about soul mates meeting for the first time,” DeModa tells Magnetic. “It’s about that special feeling you get when it’s like you’ve known someone forever, but you still have those early-relationship butterflies deep in your chest that make you want to sing ‘I was alwaaaaays into youuuu!’”

The song is about that inescapable love at first sight feeling and they do a great job of capturing that vibe with “Into You.”

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“‘Into You’ is a song about loving somebody before you even met them. It’s like you’ve been living your life in parallel, side by side, but from a distance. The moment you meet, you look at each other in the eyes and know that you were always in love,” explain French Horn Rebellion. “It’s really cheesy, but I’m lucky to be feeling that way about somebody right now, so am very happy to have this song capture that emotion into something beautiful. We’re including it as a b-side to our latest single ‘Rooftops’ and are also putting out a remix package for that single in conjunction with the release. We hope you enjoy!” 

"Into You" comes as part of a larger remix package for French Horn Rebellion's recent single "Rooftops" with some a club-geared mix from Understate and a more relaxed Rooftops mix.

Everything will be released tomorrow, Tuesday, February 13. 

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