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Eskimo Recordings is a label that excels at finding the slickest nu-disco around. With a laundry list of the genre's top producers on their roster, any release from the Belgian label is guaranteed to blow you away. As a yearly tradition, they release a color-themed compilation, flexing their muscles and establishing their top dog status. The "Purple Collection", this years compilation, is stellar from top to bottom. Today we have an early premiere from Icelandic electronica don Hermigervill. 

What is with the Nordics and their uncanny ability to conjure out-of-this-world sounds? Maybe, as the title of this track suggests, it's the relative proximity to the North Pole that's inspiring them to look up. No matter the how, we're damn sure glad for it. "Disco Borealis" is as far out as it comes, and retains the perfect amount of drive to propel us to outer space. 

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