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Premiere: Max Chapman & Jacky Feat. Charlie Sanderson - Addicted

Yes, guys, I will admit I am addicted to the feeling you all are giving me with this tune.
Max Chapman

Fellow Londoners Max Chapman & Jacky may just have a hit on their hands. The pair have teamed up with Charlie Sanderson on the new single “Addicted” for Pete Tong’s FFRR imprint and the title is about as aptly named as you will get from a tune.

Blending together garage and house with some soothing progressive vibes, the track doesn’t try to do too much, straddling the ground between the dancefloor and a late-night chillout track, while Sanderson’s vocal adds some soul to the affair.

According to Chapman, the collaboration was a long time coming.

“Jacky and I had been trying to get in the studio together for a while so this collab has been a long time coming. We’d both been working on a lot of similar music for a while so on the day, I suggested that we tried something new, have a mess around on the hardware and just see what happens,” Chapman explains to Magnetic. 

The vocal actually happened rather serendipitously. 

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“It was just by chance that on the same day, my mate Charlie was round and he was able to record the vocals with us live in the studio – the rest is history," continues Chapman. "Neither of us intended to make a track like ‘Addicted’, but I’m really proud of it and it’s an honour to get it out there on FFRR.”

“Addicted” was actually influenced one of our albums of the year, Bicep’s self-titled debut.



"'Addicted' is the first project I've gone into with absolutely zero presumptions about the direction I wanted the track to go in and it couldn't have led to a better result," Jacky says to Magnetic. "I was completely infatuated with the latest BICEP album before getting in the studio to make the record, so that was a huge influence for both me and Max on this track and I couldn't be more buzzing with the end result. I hope everyone digs it as much as we do!”

Yes, guys, I will admit I am addicted to the feeling you all are giving me with this tune. “Addicted” will be released tomorrow via FFRR, but until then stream it below here.

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