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Premiere: NightStop Shares Dark Synthwave Album Bonus Track 'Phantasmagoria'

NightStop delivers the dark finale to his 2017 album Dancing Killer.


Finish synthwave producer NightStop released his album Dancing Killer in 2017 and now is bringing it back with a special vinyl release of the record with a bonus track “Phantasmagoria.” We have that dark and energetic single for you today before the vinyl is shared on March 30.

The new single is a dark and brooding addition to the album that dives deep into some of the darker elements of synthwave. With searing and unrelenting synthwork and powerful drums, the Finnish producer has another quality record for his vinyl.

"Phantasmagoria has more darker electro elements in it, taking NightStop back to its dark synth roots... you can also maybe say that it's somewhat a spiritual successor to "Streetwalker"-era,” explains Nightstop. “Phantasmagoria takes it's name from horror adventure game from Roberta Williams (Kings Quest-series), released back in 1995."

The vinyl will be released on No Trend Records. “Phantasmagoria” is a digital only bonus track that will accompany the US release of this vinyl. See the tracklist for Dancing Killer below and pick up a copy of the vinyl in either black or white.

Dancing Killer Tracklisting:

1. Flesh

2. Dancing Killer

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3. Erotic Encounter

4. The Cage

5. Back Alley Business

6. Ghoul

7. Beast Within

8. Backseat Lover

9. Touch of Her Knife

10. Under A Killing Moon

11. Phantasmagoria (Bonus Track)

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