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Premiere: OC & Verde and Eli & Fur - Sweet Perfection (Sharam Remix)

Sharam brings a late night vibe to this record from OC & Verde and Eli & Fur.

Sharam’s Yoshitoshi Recordings is ready to make a splash in 2018. He is releasing a big new tune “Sweet Perfection” from OC & Verde and Eli & Fur and on the remix, couldn’t help but remix it himself. We are proud to bring you that special remix from the label boss today.

The remix works with the original elements, but brings it to a late night club feel with soothing, fluttering piano, low, growling bass and a steady and unassuming bassline that holds steady underneath Eli & Fur’s floating, reverbed vocals.

The remix comes after a fair bit of trial and error, where others sent in their take and it just wasn’t good enough. So Sharam took it upon himself to do the remix.

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“We signed this record a few months ago, I really liked it, and we were looking for someone to remix it. One thing that we’ve come across at Yoshitoshi as we’ve been having our classics remixed is that there aren’t that many producers who really know how to remix vocals anymore. We’ve tried various artists and a lot of times what we get is basically just a really great dub. It seems like working with vocals is almost a lost art in the underground,” explains Sharam to Magnetic.

“So it came to a point where it was like, I really like this track and the vocals, so I decided who better than me to remix it? I went through quite a few versions, originally it was more housey and I wasn’t really feeling it, I wanted to give it a more modern twist. After about ten different directions I ended up with the mix in its current state and I’m really happy with it. The original is fantastic and the vocals are amazing, it’s one of those records that I’m very excited about, not only for the label but also for myself as a remixer. I also created a dub for the package for people who want something darker and groovier.”

The remix and a Sharam dub will be released tomorrow, February 23 via Yoshitoshi Recordings.

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