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Premiere: Oliver Heldens Takes Sofi Tukker 'Best Friend' To The Club

When J Patt is asking to meet you in the club, this is the soundtrack to that club
Sofi Tukker

Sofi Tukker

Sofi Tukker, The Knocks, Nervo and Alisa Ueno’s collaboration “Best Friend” has gone global ever since it was used in the Apple X launch ad. It has been getting more legs of its own into the dance music world with some fresh remixes by the likes of Anime Edge & Dance, Sinego & Nervo, but now Oliver Heldens is up offering his own club-ready take on the record.

Heldens keeps much of the original spirit of the original, but adds a housier edge to it. There isn’t the classic future house bassline you might expect from him, which is a bit refreshing, but a jogging bassline is added underneath to give it a bit more energy. He then inserts some deep chugging bass in the hook that matches J Patt’s pitched down vocals. When J Patt is asking to meet you in the club, this is the soundtrack to that club. Go meet the Best Friend squad and Oliver Heldens in the club.

"This version of the song came about just like the song did: organically! Oliver reached out to us on twitter and asked if we were still doing remixes and Tucker almost fell off his seat," says the duo to Magnetic. "It's fitting because he is known for being the nicest guy and about the good vibes. The song is all about friendship and collaboration and we love how it has continued to spark that! Now we've made a new friend. That's the coolest thing ever."

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This weekend, you will want to become best friends with this remix. The remix is out now and available to stream wherever you do that or find it below.

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