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Puff in Style with the Puffco Plus

An excellent vaporizer created for concentrates!

Puffco Vape

The Puffco Plus vape pen has a sleek, simple, discrete design so you can inconspicuously vape concentrates on the go in style. No torches. No mess. Expect a streamlined experience. The pen comes in gunsmoke gray, with a cloud shaped button for a whimsical affect. The button has standard vape settings, requiring five clicks to turn on or off, and four click to change between the settings: low, medium, or high.

There is also a sesh setting, which takes two clicks on whichever of the temperatures. The cloud changes a different color for each setting, and stays lit for sesh mode. The shape of the pen is designed to fit nicely in your hand, with a slight weight that is pleasing. The size is small enough to fit in your pocket and be discreet, but large enough to keep from being misplaced. It’s discretion is stronger in the day, as the pen blinks when it is done heating.

This pen hits wonderfully, and is capable of substantial clouds. As with everything, it’s optimal use is when the pen is clean, fully charged, and freshly loaded, but it is capable of decent hits even when it is not. The pen comes with a USB charger, which charges the pen quickly, and on average the pen will stay charged all day, with solo use. The sesh setting is convenient when the pen is getting passed around the circle, but the battery does go down quicker. 

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Puffco Vape

The bowl is ceramic and has no coil, allowing for an even burn, which also conserves the concentrate better. The pen does get hot after a few pulls, but the finger grip accessory that comes with it keeps the hands safe, and also prevents the pen from flying out of your hands, as it is slick without. The chamber is incredibly easy to load, no matter what form of concentrate is being used.

Another accessory that comes with purchase is the loading tool and carb cap, which slide into the bottom of the mouthpiece, which screws into the chamber. Simply scoop or dip with the dabber, screw the mouthpiece on, and your vape pen is loaded and ready to be used.

The running theme with the Puffco Plus is simplicity, as cleaning the pen is just as easy as loading it. The simple, minimalistic design of the Puffco Plus allows for a non intimidating experience for novice users, and a rewarding, effective experience for seasoned users. 

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