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Sailing the High Seas with Oregon Edible Company Leif Goods

Their five gourmet chocolate bars come with a sleek design that is emblematic of the minimalist approach to design.
Leif Goods

Leif Goods

Leif Goods’ tagline “Sail the High Seas” is a tongue in cheek reference to Jody Ake and Carrie Solomon founded Leif Goods, so they could bring their collective creative talents in design and photography to the growing Oregon craft cannabis culture.

Their five gourmet chocolate bars come with a sleek design that is emblematic of the minimalist approach to design. The bars are made with vegan certified, organic, fair-trade chocolate and sun grown full extract cannabis oil.

These dark chocolate bars that range from high CBD to high THC are geared for the consumer who is looking for an overall foodie experience as opposed to just getting high. Each bar contains ten servings of cannabis, with the servings divided into ten easy squares making for ease in dosing. The healthy fats present in chocolate lends to a more full bodied, balanced effect, making these the perfect choice when one wishes to chill for the evening.

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Choose from five flavors— Mint Hibiscus (CBD 1:1 bar), Classic Double Chocolate (THC), Peanut Butter & Jelly (CBD 1:1 bar), New Mexican Chocolate (THC), and CBD Salted Chocolate (20:1 high CBD). While all these bars have their unique attributes, my favorite was their Classic Double Chocolate bar made with 66% organic dark chocolate with sweet cacao nibs. This bar has a smooth chocolate taste with just a bit of crunch from superfood cacao. For those times when I am seeking a mellow CBD sensation, I loved their salted chocolate bar topped with charcoal-infused Black Diamond Flake Sea Salt from Bitterman Salt Co.

Those looking for a more lighthearted line of candy should check out their recently launched Junk line of cannabis edibles. Their first offering is a dark chocolate vegan Marshmallow Bon-Bon. These marshmallows have a soft, squishy, sweet taste sensation replete with slightly crunchy chocolate covering and a hint of salt as they’re sprinkled with chocolate fleur de sel provided by Bitterman Salt Co. Each marshmallow contains approximately 7 mg of THC and 10 mg of CBD, and they come six to a box. So there’s enough fun in the box for a small intimate play party.

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