For the past three months, Halcyon SF and Magnetic have paired up to bring you unforgettable nights with top tier talent. To get things going with our second round of parties, we bring you Santé & Sidney Charles, the dynamic duo that are well established and respected artists in their own right. We thought we'd see just how well these two actually know each other, by asking them both the same questions about each other. 

1. First and foremost, thank you both for taking the time to do this interview. To get things going, can you tell us about the first time you met? Where were you and what was happening?

Sidney: The first time we met was in a bar in Kreuzberg/Friedrichshain in Berlin. I was very new to Berlin at the time.

Santé: We’d been in contact previously because I had done a remix for one of Sidney’s tracks. We met in a bar and spent a long time talking about music and Berlin, and later on in the evening we both went to the Watergate as my brother had a show on that night.

2. Collaborations and B2B sets can either be amazing, or not so much. Obviously you two have found great success in this area together. What was it about the each other that continues to make this partnership work?

Sidney: I play more house music whilst Santé plays more techno, and B2B, these genres are a great combination.

Santé: Our B2B sets are also great because we try to make them rare and special. We usually have longer to play than we would in a solo set, so we try to make a journey through the music. With more time, we are able to move through genres from house to techno, and back again.

Sidney: We also enjoy surprising each other during our sets, which makes it a lot of fun.

Sidney Charles_3

3. Let’s take a quick step into the studio. What is each other’s favorite piece of gear or plugin?

Sidney: Santé has an incredible collection of guitars in his studios!

Santé: Sidney’s favourite piece of equipment is definitely the Roland 909.

4. What would you say is each other’s best skill or trait when it comes to a collaboration? Worst?

Santé: Sidney has a talented creative flair that I really enjoy working with.

Sidney: Santé has great skill in finding the right musical theme. I focus more on the groove, and this works really well for us.

5. Now let’s have a bit of fun. You are both going out to grab something to eat and drink. First, what is the other’s favorite type of restaurant? Second, what is each other’s go to order for food and drink at said place?

Sidney: Santé loves Ceviche. He always wants to eat Peruvian food!

Santé: Sidney prefers healthy food / restaurants. Drink wise, we both love red wine. One of our favourite types of red wine is the Argentinian Malbec called Animal.


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6. What type of sandwich would you say the other is? What type of sandwich do you think they think you are? Is a hamburger a sandwich?

Sidney: Santé is a gluten-free Tosta Mista with too much mayo!

Santé: Sidney is a tofu wrap rather than a sandwich.

7. If you were to open each other’s refrigerators, and there was only one item inside, what would it be?

Sidney: Wine!

Santé: Haha, well I exactly know what was in the fridge when we lived together in Ibiza; beetroots, berries, ginger açaí, oatmeal and some alcohol-free beer.

8. You both have the weekend off, what is the other most likely doing with their free time?

Sidney: He’ll probably be going to the gym, and maybe working on becoming a superstar! Haha!

Santé: Running, meditation and listening to music. Although his latest hobby is surfing.

9. Your houses are on fire, and you can only take one record with you. What has the other one saved?

Sidney: Kerri Chandler – ‘You’re In My System (Jerome Sydenham Remaster)’

Santé: Talking Heads – ‘This Must Be The Place’

10. When going b2b, how do you decide who plays the first track? Do you decide ahead of time who starts and who ends?

Sidney: Normally I will play the first track. The end is always spontaneous.

Santé: Sid usually starts, but it depends on the mood and our feelings.

Sidney: I would guess that Santé is keen to go to one of San Francisco’s great Peruvian restaurants!

Santé: A friend of ours was living in San Francisco so Sidney has spent more time in San Francisco than I have, but I would say he will be looking to have a time whilst we’re there!

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