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Savoring Cannabis Snacks With She Don’t Know

Munch on these gourmet gluten free sweet and savory snacks!
She Don’t Know

She Don't Know

She Don’t Know is a family owned business that fills a niche by offering gourmet gluten free sweet and savory snacks. Their products are individually wrapped, thus making them easy items to transport on the go for a light high. They come in 10 and 20 items nestled inside a sleek black bag, a look that works perfectly for those seeking a classy way to consume their cannabis. Each item contains 5mg THC so consumers can savor these snacks for a light pleasant high that’s not too overpowering.

While I enjoy all their offerings, my favorite product is their C’est La Herb, a crisp butter cracker made with Darigold butter, herbs de Provence, Bob’s Red Mill flour, and finished with a light sprinkling of Maldon Flake sea salt. These savory crackers work very well for those times when I want a light THC high but I don’t want to consume some sugary edible. Each package contains 5 crackers so I can eat more than one cracker without getting too high. They taste delicious on their own or work well when added to a cheese and cracker plate. I could easily bring these crackers along to a dinner party as a nice change from toting around a bottle of Oregon Pinot Noir.

Those who want a sweet chocolate taste will appreciate their Chocolate Chip Cannabis Cookies made with Bob’s Red Mill flours, pure vanilla, and Darigold butter. These cookies are small enough that one can eat an entire cookie. They have a very smooth feel without the heavy feeling found in thicker gourmet cookies.

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For a vegan experience, try their Tokeless B. Coconut Balls, a treat made with organic ingredients and no added sugar. This produces a taste that’s not too sweet and works very well for those who would like a sweet treat but need to watch their sugar intake.

Dog lovers will appreciate their Bernie’s Kind Biscuits. Each biscuit is made with peanut butter, pumpkin, parsley, and cinnamon with 2 1/2 mg CBD per biscuit and 20 biscuits per bag. They’re designed to help keep dogs calm and feel good. 

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