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We cannonballed right into the year with huge singles from CHVRCHES, George Fitzgerald and Chrome Sparks, 6am's impressive slowburner remix of MK and some new to the chart artists like Mug Kungs and Bobby Nourmand. It's a new year with plenty of new music to discover, and your resident chill dance curator Ben Houston will be here to highlight the hits, find that groove you were missing in your step and keep you feeling something sublime. Time to have some fun. Let's go...

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"17 (6am Remix)" MK

The synths are lighting the way through this warm winter night of a song. This simply put, takes you somewhere inspiring. A place that makes you feel that sense of something greater. MK should be proud of this sharp and well transformed work by 6am.


Lauren Mayberry and the house of worships just jumpkicked us in the face with their glorious debut single from their incoming album and we liked it. This is a good sign of things to come. 

"Sunset" Mug Kings

Melodic house at it's finest, newcomer Mug Kings is starting his ascent into the chill dance scene with something special cooking in his music.

"Roll Back" George Fitzgerald

George is playing LIVE in Los Angeles at The Echo on May 10th and I fully plan on being there. George if you're reading this I would love to cover it. 

"Prisoner" Bobby Nourmand feat. Laurent John

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Laurent John has the pipes and Bobby Nourmand has the hot hot house beats to get our heads bobbin. Nourmand has paired with some killer voices in the past but nothing like this Gregory Porter-like sound. Great things on the horizon for this producer.

"Big City" Oliver

"What's It Gonna Take" Chrome Sparks, Angelica Bess

"Another Light" Henry Green

"Forest Sang" Koresma

"Cola (ZHU Remix)" CamelPhat, Elderbrook

"Seeing Aliens" DJ Koze

"Buried" Ted Jasper

"Brand New" Blinded Hearts, Louise CS

"Drowning" KREAM, Clara Mae

"We Gotta Hold On" Furns

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