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Are you bored of winter yet? How about we warm up them bones with a new batch of hot and fresh jams! This month's chart is heavy on the chunky noodle synths, which, as you know, is good for the soul. We've got a number of new labels on it too so make sure you follow these hardworking artists!! 

1. Martin Hayes - Turn You On - Razor-N-Tape

For RNT’s 33rd release (wow!) they have snagged Martin Hayes to deliver a batch of high energy disco screamers. Off the b-side, this one features an incredible bass line that jets off like a jackrabbit, begging the listener to try and keep up. The vocals seem to land well after they’re uttered, creating a frantic and entirely welcome energy throughout. 

2. Harry Wolfman - Nemoto - OUTPLAY

As all Harry’s tracks are, this one is outstandingly cerebral; requiring the listener to suspend any preconceived notions about what a track should sound like. It’s a rollercoaster of marathon proportions, rounding out into a nearly 10 minute long journey that delights and confounds.

3. Chuggin Edits - Dont Let It Go 2 Ur Hed - Alpaca Edits

A personal favorite of yours truly, Chuggin Edits has a wicked touch on his edits. He’s versatile as hell, allowing him to jump between genres with ease, all the while maintaining a steady respect for the originals he puts his hands on. This one is no different and aimlessly yet confidently forges into lovely territory, much to the chagrin of our ears.

4. Tour-Maubourg - Anyway You Want - Pont Neuf Records

A dreamy love boat road through halls of sweet vibes. The energy filled bass-line is straightforward and tangible, powering the airy strings floating around it by nature of their juxtaposition. 

5. Obas Nenor - Candies - Masterworks Music

Sweet, tangy, and chewy, this track can best be described as Sour Patch Disco. Along with whimsy that'll grab your attention, it's got a serious groove that'll keep it there. 

6. NTEIBINT - I Do - Eskimo Recordings

NTEIBINT, our favorite Greek producer, has a tendency to knock his productions out of the park. Hypnotically synth-y, his tracks roll into themselves, inspiring powerful emotional reactions of all shapes and sizes. This one starts off leaning on the melancholy, with a spaced out vocal sample that speaks squarely to bygone days of joy. Most importantly, however, it transforms and gives you enough reason to believe that more glorious days are on their way. 

7. Peggy Gou - It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) - Ninja Tune

If you're unaware of Peggy Gou, do yourself a favor and check out her Boiler Room x Dekmantel set on YouTube here. She's an outstanding DJ and producer with a sound profile that ranges all across the map. Exploding onto the scene in 2016, she's only got a handful of releases under her belt, including this one off her forthcoming "Once." It's classic Peggy Shoe.

8. COEO - Never Going Home - Slam City Jams

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Keeping along with the Dekmental kick, this is what we like to call Dutch Disco. Punchy, synthetic, with the perfect splash of acid, it’s got an internal energetic texture that tells a story without using any words. 

9. Parker Madicine - Heartbreaker (Detroit Swindle Remix) - Heist Recordings

Detroit Swindle are a duo that understands well how to find a deep groove and work it. Their ultra-high energy house affairs are sometimes too much for those who simply can’t stand feeling so damn good. This remix takes a sharp line and follows it to fruition, adorning vocals of various types in a multi-dimensional strut down breezy lane.

10. O.R.S. - Body To Body Boogie (Sould Out & The Funk District Edit)

Let’s get down to the boogie business! Bust out the suede shoes because this fancy groove will get you feeling like a golden god. Sould Out & The Funk District deliver with the goods!

11. JMMSTR - Masta Rocka

A hot-slamming jammer, this low-down and dirty jam can best be described as raunchy. A scintillating dancefloor tool, it’ll be sure to work any crowd into a hot blooded frenzy. Best part is, it’s a free download!

12. Pool Boy - Overcast - Coastal Haze 

Everyone seems to be wondering, who the hell is Pool Boy? With a killer groove and dead simple drum pad approach, it brings to mind the sweet simplicity that cloudy days bring.

13. Hidden Spheres - Lianas - Fruit Merchant

This one is off the rookie release from Fruit Merchant, a label dedicated to fresh tropical sounds of the lush rather than the nordic variety. Relaxed in it’s resplendence, it calls to mind the fact that nature doesn’t have to work hard to overwhelm you with its beauty. 

14. Dark Horse Disco - Wait For You - Clandestine Boogie

How about a jam to send you off into the sunset with a pep in your step? This release from the rookie producer bodes well for the future, it's full of grown ass grooves!

15. Lux Experience - u turned on me - We Will Always Be A Love Song

This one is low-key sneaky. It’s a dead simple formulae that somehow steps outside of its bounds to deliver an experience far more intricate than feels possible. What better way to leave you than with attitude of a spurned lover? 

And here's the playlist!

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