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UK DJ Scott Diaz Has Booking Canceled Because He Is "Overweight"

His image didn't "fit" with their club.
Scott Diaz

Scott Diaz

There have been plenty of reasons for having bookings or shows canceled, but this may be one of the most egregious. An unnamed UK promoter canceled a booking with UK DJ Scott Diaz after they had begun discussions about having him DJ a gig because he was “overweight.”

He was in contact with a promoter for a party in Ibiza as you can read from the email chain below and then things went sideways.

They said that his “image doesn’t fit.”

After inquiring as to what that meant, he was given this asinine response.

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“We have a certain crowd here at [redacted] and we feel the people attending our parties expect a certain image from both the acts we book and the other clubbers. It seems like Scott’s a bit overweight [emphasis our own] and just overall doesn’t really fit our Ibiza image or ethos.”

They were the ones who contacted him about the booking, which is just another twist in this fucked up story.

Since the story went viral overnight, he has since released a lengthy statement lambasting the Instagram culture of the music business relying on looks instead of actual music – something that he has been doing for almost 20 years. Maybe this will help change some promoters who know they could get called out for being shitty and superficial, but that isn’t likely.

This all begs the questions – would they cancel on Carl Cox because he doesn’t look like a fitness model? I doubt it. Though at the end of the day this shouldn’t be all that surprising. There is a reason why so many big name DJs are good-looking and fit. They are more marketable that way and it doesn’t really matter if they can make music or DJ; that can be done for them. That is the high-end music business. 

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