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Virtual Self Inhabits Pathselector & Technic_Angeli In 'Ghost Voices' Video

Virtual Self gets its first visual.
Virtual Self

Virtual Self

Porter Robinson has released the first music video under his new pseudonym Virtual Self. He has brought two figures that are tied to the project Pathselector and Technic_angel to life in his new video for the single “Ghost Voices” that launched the new trance-influenced alias.

The video was directed by Porter Robinson, who has been in control of every aspect of the visual and music direction of Virtual Self.

“One of the main motifs of Virtual Self's visual style are these little snippets of ethereal, arcane-sounding and vaguely-technological language,” Robinson tells Forbes. “I'd say that these things aren't about conveying a specific meaning, but rather about conveying a certain kind of atmosphere. I see the video that way, too.”

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The video finds the two main characters Pathselector and Technic_angel in a warehouse filled with computers from the early 2000s, whose music is the inspiration for Virtual Self. It is heavily animated, something you would expect from the sound and what he has done in even in his Worlds years.

For many, Virtual Self was a big break from the cheery sound of Worlds and that was intentional.

“I wanted Virtual Self to look like a complete world from the start,” he continues to Forbes, “so that when people discovered this very completed thing, they would have this feeling of, ‘What the f**k is this? Where did this come from?’”

Watch the video below and read our review of his debut show in Brooklyn. 

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