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Weedsday Playlist: Sweet Cannabis Culture & Education Advocate Sole Fiumefreddo Shares 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, puff pass and press play.
Sole Fiumefreddo

Sole Fiumefreddo

Sole Fiumefreddo is a Culture & Education Advocate. In other words, she’s the liaison between the plant and the people at Portland processing lab Sweet Cannabis. Leaders in cannabis science, Sweet Cannabis’ state-of-the-art laboratory and team of experts set the standard on the latest cannabis products. Currently, they offer a line of premium therapeutic cannabis infusions, expertly crafted pre-rolls and CO2 honey oil, gourmet cannabis infused chocolate and confectionery edibles, and vaporizer pens and cartridges. 

With so many amazing offerings, it’s a good thing they have Sole on staff to help educate everyone. “There's a strong vision for education in the industry and I aim to uncover cannabis secrets and extend that information to the public, shares Sole. “As a witness to the transformative and therapeutic power of cannabis, I aim to help adults see beyond the taboo veil of intoxication and stigma.”

When Sole’s not teaching the world about weed, she’s riding her bike (named Sweet Dee) through Rose City. She commutes an average of 50 to 100 miles a week, depending on the season. Sole and her friends love to puff down and ride around town with a trailer that hauls a bumpin' 100w waterproof boombox. And naturally, they need tunes to cruise. Get some.

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“Bike Rider” by Mungo's Hi Fi ft. Pupajim

This is my bike club's anthem! It's the perfect jam to get me movin’ on my wheels. With the reggae beats and raw simplicity, this song sings to my soul. “Bike Rider” inspires dance, groove and silliness— it's so motivating to get busy to. As a cyclist, this song validates the simple pleasures the bicycle provides.

“Cirrus” by Bonobo

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While riding, “Cirrus” feels like water, flowing and light. It really lets me tune out the world and gives me a long lasting uplifting vibe that keeps me going. It feels so bright, yet rich with layers of harmony. This tune drags me me out of my head and helps me flow around the obstacles.

"Tinseltown - Instrumental" by Blockhead

Taking it a bit deeper...I really dig the heavier instrumentals. This song, specifically, reminds me of the night rides my darling took me out on when we first started dating. A sweet one with crystal blue eyes, I couldn't help but follow him into the night. The moon had a hold on us, pulling us deeper into the Portland streets.

"Law Of Nature" by Sixfingerz

This is a deep groove...I love the wave of an inhale before turning this one up. With so many percussion notes in the background, and an exotic tempo, I can't help but get lost in the heartbeat bass.

“Borders” by M.I.A.

I am unashamed about my attraction to wild and fearless women, especially women who advocate for others who have no voice. This tune screams for us to peel our eyes open and let down our walls. It’s incredibly important to stay aware of the privilege we have now, to remember where we all came from, and to keep fighting for what's right. In the cycling and cannabis communities, we let something special bring us all together for a collective experience—bikes, herb, community and kindness go a long way in this world. 

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