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Chuurch & Blak Trash - Erase The Pain

Spotlight: Chuurch Connect with Blak Trash on New Single "Erase The Pain"

The Canadian band Chuurch are special in their own right; the duo has become unsung heroes of the underground in recent years with their singular sound, one in a million compositions and industrial beats. The duo has released projects on a number of imprints including This Ain’t Bristol, Deadbeats, Perfect Driver and now, Skrillex’s free-release imprint NEST.

Today, in anticipation of their Uunion EP’s imminent arrival, Chuurch dropped the second and final single ‘Erase The Pain’. Their productions act like a clenched fist pounding the pavement, creating divots for Blak Trash's liquid flow and gritty verses.

Check out "Erase The Pain" feat. Blak Trash:

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Blak Trash, a Northern Californian rap duo, add a necessary vocal flavor to the track and their G'd-out, no-F's-given lyrics. Blak Trash are no doubt familiar with the late-night, early-morning madness referred to lyrically, as they're also the resident DJs for the Hard Rock Hotel and W Hotel in Las Vegas, as well as a promising rap force in their own right.

Chuurch consists of Jeff Wilson and Justin MacLean, two Calgary-based musicians whose talents collided years ago; as of late, they’ve honed in on this particularly unique sound, commonly referred to as "Lean Bass" by their modest but devout fanbase. With backgrounds in hip-hop production and instrumental songwriting, Jeff (aka EviCition) and Justin (aka Makemdef) combined their eclectic styles and began to develop this immediately-intriguing brand of electronica. It’s stripped-back and slow-rolling with the utmost emphasis placed on their thundering low-end. Furthermore, Chuurch only play strictly their own compositions in their live sets, meaning their live performances are always driving the inspiration when writing. Chuurch have been picking up support from within the scene as well, commissioned for official remixes, recently including of Zeds Dead & Illenium's Where The Wild Things Are, as well as Sammy Legs & TCHiLT's Touch Me.

What seems to be clear iis that Erase The Pain will be one of their strongest productions in their ever-growing catalog. Uunion will likely include more heaters akin to Erase The Pain, so keep on the lookout for the full 4-track Uunion EP dropping on NEST this Friday. The previously released single, One Mind, dropped on March 16th.

As long as Chuurch continue releasing tracks up to their own standards - it’s safe to say their presence and influence in the scene will continue to grow. Stream ‘Erase The Pain feat. Blak Trash’ below via NEST and keep up with Chuurch on SOUNDCLOUD, FACEBOOK AND TWITTER.

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