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A little breakdown of various grime & dubstep artists that are, in my opinion artists to watch for in 2018. They might be artists whose tunes I spin regularly on radio, the fact that they have a growing fan base or simply that their sound is so unique.


1. Nakes:

I first heard of Nakes when I found out he was releasing on White Peach Records (WPR011) quite a while ago and I've been following him ever since. His production style is very clinical and to the point with crisp strings taking the lead in certain tracks. However for me personally I feel Nakes is super underrated, he's a very skilled producer and deserves more recognition within the scene. With releases on Siege Collective, White Peach and a forthcoming remix dropping via Strictly 140 on 30/03/18, I really hope we see a lot more of him this year.

Below is one of my most favored tracks by Nakes, have a listen and don't forget to check more of him out here.

2. Aki:

Aki has been slowly making his mark on the dubstep scene over the last 2 years with a handful of releases on various labels including Foundation Audio, Substantial Audio, Strictly 140 and on Coki's own imprint 'Dont Get It Twisted' w/ his close friend Zerg


The first tune I heard by Aki was called 'Kommodo Riddim' and featured on SA004 about a year ago. I still play it in sets now -- it is an absolute monster of a track. Since then he's churned out more and more quality dubstep and definitely isn't slowing down this year. Below is an absolute percy of mine entitled "Spectre," have a listen, take it in. Don't forget to purchase his self released Bandcamp EP here.

3. Glume: 

15235548_1157937747587919_1961359974937447584_o (1)

Now Glume is very quickly becoming a household name within dubstep because of his technical take on production, you can tell that this artist thinks outside the box when it comes to creating music. Below is a track entitled 'Puppetz' by Glume and his close collaborative partner Phossa that has been very well received by the music community. Its an absolute monster of a riddim. 

Two other stand out tracks to listen to are 'Bat Country' (by Glume and Phossa) and his remix of Kahn's 'Way Mi Defend' which came out on Southpoint a while ago. Be sure to keep up to date with his music here

4. A:Grade: 

Next up we have A:Grade. Someone who has been deeply embedded in the Uprise Audio family for some time now. He creates a gritty, stripped back kind of dubstep. It is reminiscent of the old school sound. The way he's moving at the moment I guarantee everyone will be spinning his stuff this year. 


His next release on Uprise Audio is quite frankly one of the best releases I've listened to. Every track is an absolute heater. Trust me, look out for the April 20 release date. If you wanna hear more from A:Grade then click here. Have a listen below to one of the tracks taken from the forthcoming EP with Uprise. It changes up at various times throughout the tune. It is such a wicked production. Out to Aron every time.

5. Opus:

26220429_2055323124711971_598530762223049063_o (1)

Opus has had an incredible year, with various releases including digital one with Simply Deep, two wax releases under his belt via White Peach, a forthcoming Crucial Recordings release and some more bits forthcoming. Its quite clear that theres something about this young mans productions that appeals to everyone. He has one of the most distinctive styles in the scene at the moment and I can't seem to fault him. 

Below I've chosen a track that has been doing the rounds recently and its an absolute percy. If you want to keep up to date with what Opus is up to musically give his artist page a like here.

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6. Cid Poitier:

So I've been a fan of Cid Poitier for quite some time now. I first heard of him when J Kenzo dropped one of his tunes called 'Distraction' nearly 2 years ago. Ever since I've been following his movements within music and was delighted when I heard he had started up his own record label entitled 'Sub:Clef Records'. 

He has such a mature sound to his music and has just recently released 'Distraction' feat. Wends on his own imprint Sub:clef. Its a gritty, industrial track with Wends delicious vocals laced over the top. It's a track that I regularly play on radio. Below I've attached another track entitled 'Acetate' which is a much more reggae inspired tune by Cid, one of my favorites by him.

7. Wilbuforce:

I heard about Wilbuforce when he reached out to me nearly a year ago and linked me some grime instrumentals he had produced. Since then his production style has become much more individual and his presence in the scene has greatly risen. 


He hosts his own show on Radar Radio playing all types of music surrounding 140 bpm. The track underneath is one of my favorites by him entitled 'Criminal Offence." It's a beautifully subtle track and one that I never really tire of hearing. If you wanna find out more about what he's doing musically, click here. Watch out for Wilbuforce this year.

8. BFM:

BFM is made up of 2 well established artists, JFO and Sativa. Both are seasoned producers within the scene, however when they come together and collaborate something very special happens. 


The sound they create is somewhere between deep meditational dubstep and raw, minimal grime. They kind of fluctuate between the 2 genres and sometimes mould both together to create a very unique style. With each release they put out under the BFM alias, I become more & more drawn towards their sound. 

I have no idea why but they are heavily slept on within the scene and it needs to change. Keep up to date with what the duo are doing musically here, and make sure you check out JFO's vinyl-only record label Crystal Recordings. It's got some very big releases in the pipeline. 

9. Namaste: 

Photo 23-01-2018, 04 27 34 (1)

Namaste is another artist who likes to blur the lines between dubstep and grime. All of his creations are on point and he approaches his production at crazy angles. He's had releases on Siege Collective, Isolated and has a forthcoming remix due out 30/03/18 via Strictly 140. Trust me, this is definitely someone to watch for in the coming year. Below is the track 'Whelp' that was featured on a free compilation via Isolated. Keep up to date with Namaste here.

10. Teffa: 


Teffa is someone I've been a fan of for a while. I regularly spin his stuff on radio and it always get's a great response. Mainly known for his dubstep productions, he has a sick individual style to his music that is very sub-orientated. This is perfect music for proper sound systems. Below is a collaboration track he's created with Chad Dubz. Have a listen.

He has a forthcoming release with White Peach Records that's due out very soon and believe me it's huge. If you want to keep up to to date with what else Teffa is creating click here

Hope you've enjoyed my list, I'll be back with my regular Grime & Dubstep articles next month. 


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