Howdy! Can you feel it?! Spring is just around the corner! It finally got close to 80 degrees here in Austin, TX for the first time in months. We saw about 2 hours of sun and that got everyone in the city excited for the turn of the season. Apparently they remember little of the constant 100 degree plus days that make up the majority of the summer. At any rate, now that we've thawed out enough to type, we're giving you an opportunity to warm up with a litany of stellar disco and funk selections by the likes of Peggy GouLindstrøm, Little Boots and more.

1. NFC & Key Sokur - "Coming From The Congo" - About Disco Records

Let's get down to business with a wicked bit of afro-funk. It's a damn shame this they've only got a preview up for our consumption, but that just means you'll have to cop the digit to get the full experience!

2. Natasha Kitty Katt - "Windy City / Let's Make Love" - Midnight Riot

First release on Midnight Riot for the feline phenom. This two-fer is a wonderful ride, available to stream in it's entirety. Windy City's melancholic strings are elevated by it's delightful vocal samples, the end result being an emotional powerhouse the likes of which we were not prepared. It's fitting, then, that the second one takes that emotional depth to fuel an uplifting rocket ride of blissed out disco. 

3. Franklin Black - "Gifted People"

For this month's charts we decided to phone a friend for some assistance. Thank the good lord we did because he sent this track along for us to check out! This is the most soul-filled sounds that have passed these humble ears this year. The vinyl dropped recently and if you know what's good for you, COP IT! 

4. Marcel Vogel & Khalil Anthony - "Dance The Blues Away (Julien Dyne Remix)" - Lumberjacks In Hell

Stellar house beats with smoke-filled vocals floating atop them; this fast and loose remix plays favorites with your senses in the best of ways. Dance floor boss status achieved!

5. Crazy Penis - "You Started Something" (Petko Turner's Bunny Edit)

Speaking of dance floor bosses, dirty house duo Crazy P gave recent favorite Petko Turner a whack at an edit and then end result is stellar as all hell. From top to bottom it's got the groove, the high hats, and the vocals to jump start your engine and keep it running long after you think you've run out of fuel. As always, Crazy P finds a way to wring insane amounts out of relatively simple components.  

6. AIMES - "Weird Taak" - Reinhardt Records

Our top favorite chunky funk-master has returned to grace us with his exceedingly odd, and perfectly named, track. Can you sing it?? We want to hear you try. Record it and send it to us at 

7. Little Boots - "Shadows"

Little Boots is in a league of her own. Her sultry pop-idol vocals drape themselves atop any beat you can throw at her. In this case, she transforms a moody deep house track into an absolutely exceptional package destined to convince you to find a dark corner and get down with your bad self.  

8. Peggy Gou - "Han Jan" - Ninja Tune

Peggy Gou on a chart two months in a row?! You bet your ass! If you haven't seen the video of her showing this one to her mother, do yourself a favor and pause the above track to check it out here. This addicting bit of electro will promptly park itself in your brain and wont be interested in leaving. 

9. Hermigervill - "Disco Borealis" - Eskimo Recordings 

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What is with the Nordics and their uncanny ability to conjure out-of-this-world sounds? Maybe, as the title of this track suggests, it's the relative proximity to the North Pole that's inspiring them to look up. No matter the how, we're damn sure glad for it. "Disco Borealis" is as far out as it comes, and retains the perfect amount of drive to propel us to outer space. 

10. Lindstrøm - "Didn't Know Better"

Two Nords in a row? Yes, it's poignant AND productive! Lindstrøm is incredible at building grooves that move with a glacial pace, so its invigorating as hell to get an Jackson-esque 80s anthem instead. 

11. Rune Lindbaek - "Privatfest" - Gronmo Edits

LETS MAKE IT A THREESOME! Rune Lindbaek (can we get a pronunciation check?) beams this wonderful edit in from Norway, where, hopefully, someone is reading and can tell us what the hell they're saying in this song. 

12. Crown Heights - "Say a Prayer (Andy Buchan Edit)" - Masterworks Music

What an absolute slammer we have here! This wondrous edit retains every ounce of the soul, and, as the best edits do, brings it into a package that gives it the legs to stand on any 21st century dance-floor. Top notch work, Andy!

13. Discotron - "Early Morning Funk" - Tasty Recordings

It's been a hot minute since we've had the masterful Discotron on this chart! The dude is a hurricane of funk and grooves, so much so that its hard not to be a little scared by his prowess. Is it really just one man? Is he the prodigy that the Bee Gees once foretold?

14. Apoena - "Brazuca A1" - Allnite Music

Hot edit straight from the beautiful Rio beaches! It's got sass, it's got flavor and it's got a killer piano riff; the perfect reminder that winter time here in the US is summer time in Brazil! 

15. Marlon Hoffstadt - "Der Merowinger" - Midnight Themes

This is the textbook definition of a slow-burner. The slap-happy bongos do nothing to hide the acid that soon bubbles over the top. When the bass-line finally hits about halfway through there wont be much left of a "you" to notice. This one could fall into any of a handful of genres, but above all else it can be squarely categorized as "dope as hell." 

Bonus Track:

Henry + The Invisibles - "Let's Bounce"

"Let’s Bounce" is a stimulating, disco funk infused song best listened to while gliding around the roller rink beneath the shimmer of a disco ball.

Here's the playlist!

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