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There is something brewing, and it's not just my morning coffee. You've noticed it. I certainly notice it. It's the cyan and magenta imagery flooding the internet. Lazer beams, throwbacks to Ferarri Testarossa's and leather jackets. It's all over the place, everyone is doing it. It's been a slow and steady build since the Drive soundtrack, and this year is shaping up to be the year the imagery of the 80s conquers all.

I've been a synth guy for a long time. I grew up with New Order and Duran Duran on my boom box, I stuck with it when A Different Drum did their best to keep the sound alive at the turn of the century, and I still love a good shot of synth in the arm today.

Now that we're on our way, don't misunderstand the point of this chart. I'm not here to please the purists on r/outrun or cater to the people dusting off 30-year-old Roland Jupiter-8's. I'm here to highlight both new and established artists who have put in their time, do the research and craft songs that are both a joy to listen to and are heavy on the keys. This is a chart for people that simply love the sound, haven't heard the right songs yet, or are wondering if there really are synth bands other than Depeche Mode out there.

In light of that, and considering I along with the Indie Discotheque crew have always loved a heavy dose of juicy synth, here are 15 new synth tracks that are worth your ears.

1. Chrome Sparks - Still Think [Counter]

The long-anticipated Chrome Sparks debut album will be released on April 13, 2018.

2. Black Moth Super Rainbow - Mr No One [Rad Cult]

The legendary BMSR is back with another synth-filled masterpiece.

3. Mint Julep - As Fas As I Can Get [Unseen]

Beautiful new synth music from Hollie & Keith Kenniff.

4. Join The Riot - Fantasies [Clint Eastmode]

A great pop song from Stockholm, heavy on the synth. It can be found on their Echo EP.

5. Anoraak - Oblivion [Insomniac]

A dance jam full of beautiful chords recorded for EDC Mexico.

6. Computer Magic - Ordinary Life (Message from an A.I. Girlfriend) [Channel 9]

The love song of the future, as premiered here at Magnetic.

7. Johan Agebjörn - Love on Ice feat. Ryan Paris & Sally Shapiro [Lakeshore]

This is taken from the Videoman original motion picture soundtrack.

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8. Nina - Sleepwalking [Aztec]

This is a single from Nina's debut album, Sleepwalking, which will be available March 16, 2018.

9. Ksmtk - You Can Dance

From the You Can Dance maxi, which is now available on 12" yellow vinyl.

10. Tiger March - Either Or

LA duo Tiger March deliver this from debut album, Hold Something.

11. Satellite Young - Sanfransokyo Girl

The song comes with such a great video, based on band member Bellemaison's solo track, "Dreaming."

12. Skyepaint - Bury Us In Gold

Let's fly through the sky as we're buried in sunlight.

13. EchoDroides - Glowing In The Dark

A recreation of the Experimental Products classic.

14. Best Youth - Midnight Rain

This is a new direction for Best Youth, a band from Porto, Portugal.

15. Teeel - School Dance [Synthemesc]

The slow jam you always wanted to sway with your biggest crush.

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