3 Incredible Musicians Whose Hair-Game We're Digging

The hair is strong with this one, really strong.
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When it comes to describing our favorite electronic musicians, their looks are not at the top of the list of ranking criteria. Nowhere near it - it's all about the music. Still, each musician has their own style, and we think that should be celebrated, too. There's a history of electronic musicians inspiring fan hairstyles, such as the Skrillex hair fad a few years back. Instead of reducing artists to their hairstyles, we believe it gives style credit where style credit is due. Though we've gotten hair inspiration from far more musicians than we can name here, we've decided to highlight three whose hair-game we're especially impressed by.

Giorgia Angiuli

Italian musician Giorgia Angiuli's curls mirror the energetic nature of her music. As she recently told us in an interview, her musical style is located "between electro-pop, indie, techno and deep house." She is interested in synesthesia and often connects colors to her musical work. Giorgia also utilizes different unexpected tools, including toys like a pink stuffed frog-turned-instrument, when creating her unique sound. In the same way that her curls remind us of the constant motion of her music, the fact that she complements her shoulder-length hair with snapback caps of different colors make us think of the juxtapositions in her musical process. And that obviously makes us want to imitate her hairstyle. Don't you feel the same?


Björk has long been known for her distinctive style, which includes her clothes, makeup, and hair. She's no stranger to making her hairstyle echo her electro-pop music, and since her first album as a solo musician came out almost 25 years ago, she's had a lot of time to practice matching her hairstyles to her evolving music. Her style involves experimenting with everything from elaborate braids to buns of varying sizes, and though her natural hair color is black, she's tried different hair colors, too.

These iconic looks have been documented by the likes of Vogue magazine, which provides the example of her album cover for Biophilia, where she is featured with a voluminous and brightly colored reddish-orange hairdo. Switching to a red hair color requires a fair amount of preparation, so if you're not quite ready to make the switch, rest assured that Björk has plenty of hairstyles you can steal without changing your hair color.

The Black Madonna

Last but definitely not least, we're loving The Black Madonna's signature short, blonde hairstyle. Well, that's not all we're inspired by. The Black Madonna, Marea Stamper's D.J. alias, has been creating infectious dance music by skillfully mixing music from various genres for about 20 years. She's also a headstrong advocate of social justice and inclusivity in the sphere of dance and electronic music, especially as it relates to women of all ages, L.G.B.T.Q. and nonbinary folks, and lower-and-working-class people.

The Black Madonna was recently featured about this in the New York Times, where she self-identified as gender nonconforming and linked this to cropping and dying her hair at a young age. This means that her hair, which has ranged from bob to pixie cut and yellow to white-blond, seems to be part of her badass conviction to do what she believes is best for herself while also helping others. What's not to love?

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