4 Small Speakers that Deliver Big Sound

Here’s a look at some of the latest speakers on the market with amazing sound quality.
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The crisp, clear quality of our smartphones and devices was an emerging science just a hundred years ago. Although the first electronic loudspeakers were developed by teacher Johann Philipp Reis in Friedrichsdorf, Germany, in 1861, the modern speaker didn’t appear until 1921. General Electric and AT&T teamed up to develop the world’s first modern speaker and electric amplification system. By 1921, the team had a working prototype that resembled a speaker cone hidden inside a cabinet.

As the decades have rolled on, manufacturers have developed amazing sound quality that doesn’t require a giant cabinet to store its speaker cone in. Gone are the days when our stereos required a corner in the living room just to house the speakers and multiple parts. Today's speakers are impossibly small while still delivering on big sound. Here’s a look at some of the latest speakers on the market with amazing sound quality:

HTC 10

Smartphones rank the list of small speakers delivering big on sound both for their size and their usefulness. We can’t function without our smartphone for even a few hours, so it’s important to make sure the sound quality delivers for functionality and fun.

Being able to hear who you’re talking to just scratches the surface. A smartphone such as the HTC 10 features a separated tweeter and woofer design and a dedicated amplifier. Pair this speaker-worthy smartphone with an unlimited data plan to take advantage of streaming music and movies without compromising sound quality.

UE Boom 2

UE Boom 2 is a favorite among top reviewers, including WIRED, for its quality sound and innovative features. The UE Boom 2 also meets IPX7 standard so if you accidentally drop it in a few feet of water for a moment, you can still recover it without ruining it. It also comes with an innovative feature most speakers don't. If you want to skip to the next song, you can just pick it up and whack it across the top to skip along to the next song. The Boom 2 can also be several rooms away without losing its signal and dropping your favorite beat during your next dinner party.

Hult Design Pavilion Speakers

Consumers looking for a stylish alternative to speakers can hook up the Pavilion speakers by Hult featuring a high-density concrete base and a copper spiral inside. The final look resembles a brass instrument in a pint-sized table top pillar. The sound quality is also top-notch with wireless technology, a rechargeable battery, and Bluetooth technology with aptX and AAC codec Support.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 built a reputation on providing luxury products with premium features and applied it to the wireless earbud market. The high-quality sound is packed into a tiny .91 by .79 by .98 inches and a stylish, metallic accent. The clear sound quality and stylish package make this a favorite among music lovers on the go. Audiophiles also need long last battery life, and B&O delivers with upwards of four hours of battery life before needing a recharge.

Whichever speakers you choose, remember that size is largely irrelevant in a world where technology fits in the palm of your hand. Look for the speakers that suit your lifestyle and get ready for premium quality in a pint-sized package.

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