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Classify Your Cannabis Experience with Grown Rogue

Learn all about their seed-to-experience concept!
Grown Rogue

In February 2018, Grown Rogue, a Medford based cannabis company, launched what they describe as a seed-to-experience concept. They chose to classify their strains by the experiences one can have when consuming different strains. These experiences reflect the word ROGUE – Relax, Optimize, Groove, Uplift and Energize.

While some cannabis companies advertise experiential gimmicks, Grown Rogue is seeking to gather the qualitative and quantitative data regarding these specific strain effects. Through their partnership with research psychologists from the University of California - Santa Barbara, interested participants can register to join this study. After consuming a Grown Rogue product they log in and record their experiences anonymously. For every five surveys a participant completes, they can receive a discount on Grown Rogue products.

My eye was first drawn to their pre-rolls packages in a patent-pending nitrogen-sealed glass container. This allows users to keep their pre-rolls fresher for a significantly longer time than simply placing them in plastic tubes. Also, as I tend to smoke 1/2 gram or less per sitting, I appreciate that each tube contains two 1/2 gram joints as opposed to a one 1-gram joint. Their pre-rolls only contain bud so each one has the fullest smooth smoke possible. They also have flower for those who prefer to roll their own in both bulk and soon to be released nitrogen-preserved pre-packed glass jars.

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Their full-spectrum CO2 oil comes in strain-specific quartz cartridges with a ceramic wick and a metal mouthpiece for a smooth satisfying draw. Also, they have shatter for those who prefer dabbing. Their partners are Toz Moz in Portland for their CO2 extraction and Aardvark in Bend for shatter production. Lightspace is the lab that tests their shatter with Green Leaf Labs testing their other products.

For those who prefer to shop for cannabis by strains, the name of the strain is listed on each package. In addition to growing a number of familiar strains, Grown Rogue seeks to distinguish itself by growing boutique strains designed to give users a specific experience. All their cannabis is handcrafted including hand trimming.

This product launch may be brand new but Grown Rogue co-founders Obie and Sarah Strickler have been cultivating hand crafted cannabis for the medical market for 15 years. In 2016, they expanded their focus to create a community-first approach to the recreational cannabis market. Named for the Rogue Valley where their cannabis is grown and cultivated, Grown Rogue’s Clean Green Certified cannabis is cultivated at their 17,000 s.f indoor grow operation and two sun-grown farms utilizing organic and sustainable farming practices, which have also earned Phylos Certification for the Grown Rogue genetics.

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