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19-year old Austrian producer Filous, delivered a diverse testament to his exuberant production penchant last year with a new EP For Love. His collection inspired a killer remix offering from DECCO, MOUNT, NVDES and Common Tiger in February, which we love. 

For those of you who haven’t experienced his live show, know that the multi-instrumentalist plays effortlessly on stage; mixing a combination of backing tracks with several instruments he taught himself. Whilst on an extensive US tour alongside Mat Kearney, we thought we'd get to know him a bit, and he's been kind enough to give us an exclusive Spotify playlist to top it off.

Make sure you head out and see the producer live this month with Mat Kearney, where his dates will stretch on until April and cover locations including Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Cleveland.

Hey Filous! You’ve just kicked off your US tour alongside Mat Kearney - how’s it been so far?

I feel very grateful that Mat invited me to join his amazing tour! It’s been a truly exciting experience so far and I can’t wait to play so many more show in the next few weeks!

You both collaborated on your "For Love" EP last year - Have you been playing those tracks live and if so how has it been?

We’re planning to play “Goodbye” together, unfortunately there were some problems with preparing it so we still have to catch up with that! 

How is this tour different from the shows you played last year along your From Dusk Till Dawn tour?

Playing as an opener compared to playing a headline tour is a very different experience. You have a whole different role as a part of the show and you have to think from a completely different point of view. I’ve learned a lot from it so far and it’s been super exciting to show people my music who’ve not yet heard my songs! Meeting these new people and gaining new fans is very rewarding!

What has the reaction been like since your EP dropped last year?

It’s been overwhelmingly great! I took a lot of chances with this EP and I am extremely excited how well that turned out! I am really grateful to have people supporting my music no matter which direction I go with it!

What are you looking forward to the most during this tour?

Turning 21 while playing a show in Omaha, Nebraska!

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Tell us about the visuals for this current tour...

The visuals were made by an amazing cinematographer called Konrad Milan, back in my hometown Vienna. It’s hours and hours of footage condensed in a 30 minute visual experience!

Even though you are a newcomer, you’ve worked with an impressive array of artists. Who are some artists that you would like to work with?

One of my biggest inspirations right now is Manu Chao, it would be incredible to make a song with him. I can’t even imagine how much I could learn from him!

You recently dropped your ‘For Love’ remix EP featuring the likes of Decco, MOUNT, NVDES - how did that all come about? Any plans for any surprise guest spots during the set?

I’ve been friends with all of these producers for a while! I’m a huge fan of their music and I am extremely happy that they share their time and talent with remixing my music! Yes! That’s gonna be fun!

What are your main focuses going to be throughout 2018?

Making new music and becoming the first virtuoso guitaret player!

5 records you are inspired by or are currently listening to?

Le Tigre - "Deception"
Hildegard Knef - "Im 80. Stockwerk"
Scott Walker - "The Old Man’s Back Again"
Herb Alpert - "Rise"
Arthur Russell - "That’s Us/Wild Combination" 

Check out his playlist for us here. 

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