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Datsik Former Management Was Reportedly Notified About Sexual Assault Allegations In October

Emails show that the company was notified of allegations last year.


Just when you thought the story about Datsik’s sexual assault allegations was finished there is another twist. According to emails obtained by and seen by Magnetic, his former management company, Deckstar might have known about allegations of sexual assault last October.

According to the emails, a woman reached out to two employees at Deckstar with her story and that of another women too afraid to speak out publicly.

The woman alleges that she met Datsik in April 2013 after a show in London. Datsik approached her after the show and gave her shots until she was barely coherent. He took her back to his hotel where she blacked out using the toilet. She came to him having sex with her in the shower and then she blacked out again. She woke up to an empty hotel room and had to find her way home. In the process, he hadn’t taken out her tampon, which could have caused severe complications from Toxic Shock Syndrome.

She also tells the story of a friend who met Datsik in New York and had a similar experience. He gave her booze until she was barely coherent. She does not remember the sex and woke up next to him naked in the morning, when he got her a cab home.

In response to these allegations sent to Deckstar, a publicist (who says they were never contracted on this assignment and did not manage any follow-up on the allegations) asked her “what is it that you are looking for?”

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The victim responds several months later that she was just looking for an apology from Datsik and assurance he won’t do this again. No response came.

Datsik has been accused by a growing number of women of sexual assault. This is often tied to drugs and alcohol that left the women too messed up to consent. He has been dropped by his management company, Deckstar, his booking agency, his label, Firepower Records and canceled all of his upcoming tour dates.

Deckstar released the following statement last week when the allegations were made public.

“In light of recent allegations that have come forth, we have decided to sever our relationship with Datsik at this time,” reads a statement from Deckstar. “Although we lack concrete information to confirm or deny these allegations, the nature and volume of the accusations demand swift and decisive action. We have always held ourselves and clients to the highest standards and believe that at this time it is in the best interest of our company and staff to move on.”

If they did know about this in October, there will be plenty more questions to ask of him and his former team.

Magnetic has reached out to Deckstar for comment and they have not responded by publishing time. 

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