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David Byrne Apologizes For Having No Female Collaborators On New Album 'American Utopia'

He calls himself "part of the problem" for not including women on the project.
David Byrne

David Byrne

David Byrne has apologized for not having any women collaborators on his new album American Utopia. In a lengthy Instagram post, he expresses his regrets for not hiring any women professionals to work on the album of nearly two dozen or so individuals.

"This lack of representation is something that is problematic and widespread in our industry," he wrote. Adding, "I regret not hiring and collaborating with women for this album – it's ridiculous, it’s not who I am and it certainly doesn’t match how I’ve worked in the past.”

It should be noted he did an entire album with St. Vincent in 2012 titled Love This Giant.

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“It's hard to realize that no matter how much effort you spend nudging the world in what you hope is the right direction, sometimes you are part of the problem," he admits. "I never thought of myself as being 'one of those guys,' but I guess to some extent I am."

His album American Utopia is available to stream on NPR and will be released this Friday, March 9. Though not having any women collaborators is a bad move, it is commendable for being this open to call himself out. 

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