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Detroit Swindle Announce New Album 'High Life' Featuring Tom Misch

The group's sophomore album will be released on May 28.
Detroit Swindle High Life

Detroit Swindle High Life Artwork

Dutch duo Detroit Swindle have announced their sophomore album High Life, which will be released on May 28, via their own label Heist Recordings. The LP will feature a wide cast of characters like Tom Misch, gospel singer turned house aficionado Seven Davis Jr, Lorenz Rhode, who sings with them on tour and nine-piece brass band Jungle By Night.

The album was recorded primarily during a three week periodat their Amsterdam studio in 2017. The May release will coincide with the five year anniversary of their label.

Detroit Swindle describe the album as an "electronic album with a live approach, combining our love for house, ambient and jazzy harmonics, making it a record interesting for the club, as well as a pleasant album to put on at home." It explores the intersection of live and electronic music.

Listen to their single “Flavourism” with Seven David Jr. and get ready for the full LP on May 28. A remix EP for “Flavourism” with remixes by Pépé Braddock and John Barera and Will Martin will arrive on April 23.

High Life Tracklist:

01. Ketama Gold

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02. High Life feat. Lorenz Rhode

03. Call Of The Wild feat. Jungle By Night

04. Yes, No Maybe feat. Tom Misch

05. The Girl From Shiraz

06. Flavourism feat. Seven Davis Jr.

07. Freeqy Polly

08. Ex Machina

09. Cut U Loose

10. Lucky Number 13  

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