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Firepower Records, Artists Donating First 3 Months Of Proceeds From New Compilation to Anti-Sexual Violence Charity

Firepower is doing some good in the specter of the Datsik sexual assault allegations.
Firepower Records Flatline Vol. 8

Firepower Records Flatline Vol. 8

Firepower Records and the artists are donating the first three months of proceeds from their new compilation to an anti-sexual violence charity RAINN. The move comes in the wake of the disturbing sexual assault allegations leveled against their founder and former owner, Datsik, who is no longer with the label.

The move was announced in a post on Facebook saying that the artists who are featured on the compilation decided they would donate the proceeds from the first three months to charity and the label will match those contributions.

The upcoming Flatline 8 EP compilation has four songs on it and will be released this Friday, March 30. The tunes come from INF1N1TE & Notixx, Sacred Sciences & English Lit, Predakore & Gang Sign and Sam Lamar. Get more info here.

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