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Singer-songwriter Gentle Bones and DJ/producer MYRNE have come together for a stunning culmination of pop and electronic sounds in a 10-track album, perfectly titled B4NGER PROJECT. Intertwined with pop and electronic sounds are superbly crafted elements of R&B, funk, and trap. B4NGER PROJECT showcases MYRNE's versatile production skills. 

Each track is uniquely named and correlates to the track number on the album. 

"JU1Y" begins the EP with energy to set the mood for the sonic journey you're about to embark on. Keeping things groovy with "CRA2Y," MYRNE and Gentle Bones continue to channel their inner retro vibes. "S3EOUL" and "5HE DGAF" smooth out the energy with xylophone, melodic synths, and unforgiving bass lines. There's a little bit of something for everybody in this diverse album, and each track hints at something more than the last.  

"Working with MYRNE is such fun. We spent a year in between his bedroom and recording studios to complete this record. This collaborative sound we've achieved is something I am really proud of. We wrote the songs as we would for the journal entries in our heads." 

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"I’ve known Joel since his first indie-folk EP, which I did a remix for. Two years later, he put out a project that was a little more electronic, and we realized we could work on something together. The B4NGER PROJECT came together in a very natural way, with both of us sitting together in every session writing and producing. Joel would come over and I'd ask, 'What are you feeling today?' We'd write an entire song in a day for that mood. All the records on this project are playful, nostalgic, serious, and tongue-in-cheek at the same time. We wanted to put this record out to show that yes, you can produce and mix a record in your bedroom, and that Singapore has more than enough talent for music to thrive."

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