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INTERVIEW: Baked Goods Brand’s Brooksie Hussle has a Knack for Creating Cannabis Infused Culinary Delights

“If you don’t believe cannabis is a medicinal plant, you need to do more research.”
Brooksie Hussle sporting his cannabis infused grillz alongside his MagicalButter Machine

Brooksie Hussle sporting his cannabis infused grillz alongside his MagicalButter Machine.

Brooksie Hussle, originally from Crenshaw, California, moved to Altadena when he was 13 years old. That’s when he first started smoking cannabis. In high school, Hussle discovered his knack for combining cannabis with his already blossoming culinary skills. “I grew up cooking with my family and already knew the basics,” he shares with a smile. “I started my company in California, then moved to Las Vegas to go to college at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, where I’m still a student.”

Once he discovered that cannabis could be eaten rather than smoked, it opened up a whole new world and inspired the young chef to step up his culinary game. After lots of practice and determination, he became an expert in baking and assembling edibles, which led him to starting his own company, Baked Goods Brand. “We have the best cannabis chefs and edible processors working for us,” he says. “And, we produce a one of a kind product that can’t be beat!” Hussle and his team make organic oils and butters, plus they have signature pastries, as well as a line of vegan products as well.

When Hussle isn’t busy baking, he’s planning cannabis-infused dinner parties with the Green Chamber of Commerce in Vegas to promote legalization and raise money for Las Vegas’ inner city neighborhoods. He’s also offers volunteering and internship opportunities to get involved in cannabis advocacy initiatives. Simply sign up to become a member of the Bake Show Canna Chef Union for more information on how to get involved.

MAGNETIC caught up with the talented chef to learn more about Baked Goods, his signature infused grillz and how the MagicalButter Machine changed his edible game. 

Brooksie Hussle Chocolate Grillz

Brooksie Hussle Chocolate Grillz. 

What’s Baked Goods Brands all about? 

Baked Goods Brand is an edible company, founded in 2010, made up of 25 Cannabis Chefs from all walks of life. We are activists in the community and do medicated dinner parties as well. Baked Goods can supply any amount of edibles for any occasion and we can prepare, cook, and infuse any meal for any type of occasion. We also do custom orders for anyone that has a creative edible in mind and needs help making it a reality. 

We also offer infusion courses and do exclusive private events as well. In addition, we are producing The Bake Show, which is our cooking show dropping in March. It’s a show about culture, cannabis and, of course, food. We are bringing on top brands and chefs to come and cook with us, do interviews, tour facilities, play trivia, and talk politics surrounding cannabis, and much more!

What’s your signature dish? 

I make cannabis infused edibles Gummy Grillz & Chocolate Grillz. The whole idea behind creating cannabis infused grillz comes from my love of hip-hop and gold grillz. Why not have an edible that’s blinged out like the jewelry in the music videos? It’s definitely a status symbol when you bust out a blinged out gold grill edible at a party. The edible itself looks beautiful and glistens in the light. You can see it from across the room. It also tastes great! We recently made a white chocolate grill with the newly released MagicalButter Chocolate. The grillz came out perfectly! 

The MagicalButter Chocolate is awesome and works perfectly in any candy mold. It was easy to work with and extremely easy to infuse, especially since it’s already pre-tempered. The grillz start at 50 MG each but can be adjusted to one’s preference. The MagicalButter Chocolate is hands down the best chocolate to use when infusing. It allows you to add more medication to it than most chocolates. We also have a deal that we are signing soon with True Terpenes—they are going to supply exotic terpenes to help enhance the flavor of our products, so stay tuned!

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What’s the G Pill? 

The G Pill is an invention I came up with to make medicating meals easy. I’ve spoken with a number of cancer patients in Las Vegas and their main issue is being able to actually prepare and infuse meals every day because it’s so time consuming. I looked at this issue and thought to myself, why not just have a pill with medication already in it that you can just drop onto any meal? Thus The G Pill was invented. It's literally a pill that you can drop into any food or drink to medicate it. 

For instance, I recently made grilled chicken with greens and macaroni and cheese. As soon as the macaroni and cheese came out of the microwave I just dropped The G Pill right on top and it dissolved over my noodles. You stir it into the noodles a couple times and make sure the medication is all throughout the food. Then BOOM, you have medicated macaroni and cheese. It makes medicating meals easy after a long day at work. They come in different strengths, so there is no measuring required. All you have to do is find your strength preference, drop it in, and stir.

How has using the MagicalButter Machine influenced your culinary practice? 

The MagicalButter Machine has literally changed my life, not only as a chef but also as an edible producer. Production speed and less smell are just two of the many benefits and reasons why I love this machine! I use to only be able to do a couple batches of edibles a day. Now, I can produce hundreds to thousands a day. The MagicalButter Machine produces perfect, potent butter every time in a matter of hours. It’s a much easier process than the old fashioned crock pot method and it conserves product, which saves you money. The cleanup process is easier and you can produce pounds of butter in a single day to be able to produce tons of edibles! I’m old school and always swore up and down that the crock pot method was the best. Now, that I have a MagicalButter Machine, I don’t even bring up crock pots in conversation. MagicalButter only is the way to go. Magical Butter changed my life and made it much easier to produce mass quantities of edibles efficiently. And my neighbors are happy now, too, since that skunk left!

What’s your advice for people who have never tried cannabis infused edibles? 

Start low and slow. Go steady and be ready! Do not start high and fly. Find the right “cocktail” for you just like a doctor would advise when prescribing medications. People get turned off from edibles and cannabis because they have a terrible first time experience eating a cookie or a homemade brownie, not knowing the consequences. If you did have a bad experience, try to jump back in the ring, but start slow. Always go to trusted dispensaries that have budtenders that are educated on this subject. I would just try a 5 MG edible to start. If after four or so hours have passed and you don’t feel much you can continue to eat another 5 to 10 MG product.

What’s your response to the naysayers out there who believe that cannabis isn’t a medicinal plant? 

If you don’t believe cannabis is a medicinal plant, you need to do more research. Google is a great tool and there are plenty of scientific and scholarly articles out there that confirm the benefits of cannabis. Also, if you don’t want to get high, you can try CBD first and experience its benefits. You might realize that an annoying pain you’ve always had is now gone due to these medicines. Many have told me that cannabis products fix issues that opioids and other medications can’t. Plus, it has fewer side effects.

What are you currently up to as a community activist fighting to help legalize MMJ? 

We are currently registering with the Las Vegas Green Chamber of Commerce where we will be volunteering to restore Las Vegas landmarks such as the Harrison House and Old Binion’s Mansion. Once they are complete, we will be throwing dinner parties with The Chamber and Las Vegas Norml to raise money for the neighborhoods surrounding these landmarks and for MMJ legalization, so people can live better lives here in our new hometown. 

Presented by MagicalButter.

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