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Interview: tINI Talks New Label, Marathon Sets, Miami, Rapture Festival

tINI also dives into her DJing philosophy and what music you should expect from her going forward.
tINI Rapture Festival 2018


German Dj and producer, tINI has been working in the business for the better part of 15 years. Growing from small clubs to large festivals, singles to albums, tINI continues to grow in stature each passing year. We caught up with her with Miami on our minds to talk Miami, Rapture Festival, her new label Part of the Gang and more.

She also gives some advice on how to play and survive a marathon set, lays out some plans for the new label and what music she will be releasing soon.

Catch her at Rapture Electronic Music Festival this Thursday, March 22 alongside big names like Guy Gerber, Nick Warren, Chris Liebing and Luciano.

What do you look forward to most each year at Miami?

The sun, the beach, hanging with my friends from all over the world, amazing burgers and wild, wild parties!

Rapture Festival brings together electronic music with wellness like yoga and environmental initiatives. Are you excited to do more festivals doing this, like Rapture?

Totally, I love when you can explore at a festival and experience other things besides music!

When you tour, do you make a conscious decision to take time to explore some cities or countries?

I try to visit as many places as possible. I am always curious about other countries, cities and cultures. When I get the time, I am always up for getting to know the areas and "must sees". It's lovely to have the opportunity to do this!

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You released Tessa back in 2011. Do you have plans to release another album?

Not exactly an album, but my new EP Human Lung Chair will come out soon this year on my brand new label called Part of the Gang - I am very excited!

I have enough material for an album but decided to rather split up the tracks and spread the EPs over the next years.

What is the vision for your new record label? Will it sign other artists? What is the musical direction?

Yes, I will definitely sign other artists! It is supposed to be a new platform for my Gang members, with the freedom to express their musical styles. Every style is welcome. It's mostly music I have been playing over the past years. I am pretty excited to see where all this will go. I am very open and I trust my Gang to deliver amazing productions of all styles.

You frequently go back to back with some of the best. Do you guys have a plan when doing it or is it spontaneous?

i always go for the spontaneous way of playing. I never in my life prepared a set neither a back to back - that's the magic about music. Sometimes the right tracks just find each other if you just let yourself fall into the joyride :).

When you DJ how much of it is playing music you want to play verses playing music you know the crowd will want to hear?

100% music I want to play, always hoping to have the crowd on my side. I can only be authentic and enjoy myself if I play what I love. It's a risk I take!

You have played some looooong sets in your career. How do you keep things interesting for that long, especially if you don’t know you will go that long? Also how do you stay awake / fresh?

There used to be some other gimmicks back then, but these days I actually survive on my own hyperactivity! I don't feel the time passing when I enjoy myself. Besides this: Guarana capsules, green tea, Japanese eye drops, oh and of course I am constantly looking for new music to excite myself with tracks I haven't played in a club.

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