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Known Illegal Raves In London Double In A Year

A whole host of factors like venues closing down, better policing and expensive nights out are taking a toll.
illegal rave in london

The kids want to rave. According to London’s Metropolitan Police, they are doing so increasingly at illegal raves. The number of raves reported by the police has doubled from 70 to 133.

A few factors have been blamed for the rise of illegal raves. Traditional venues and clubs have closing at an alarming rate, giving many would-be attendees fewer options for a night out. Half of London’s nightclubs have closed in the past decade. Another cited reason, according to the Sunday Telegraph, is the rising cost of clubbing, including drinks, at a legitimate venue.

Increased security has driven away some punters who might not want to feel like they are entering an airport for a night out, though terror attacks have forced a new reality on nightlife. Business rates continue to rise at unsustainable percentages with many building owners opting for soulless condos, which make them more money.

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The number here shows what the Metropolitan Police have been able to find and they have gotten better at finding raves recently. However, there are still likely many more that happen without them knowing. Either way, until there are more options for the people to rave, this will only continue. You reap what you sow when you drive things underground.  

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