Switching wallpaper and finding cool images is easier with this Wallpaper Wizard

If you are in search of a decent app, providing you with an enormous amount of quality and excellent wallpapers, you’ll appreciate the functionality, offered by Wallpaper Wizard. This software product is developed for only Mac users (those who run Mac OS X platform). If you still can’t find an ideal wallpaper changer, this one will satisfy your requirements.

You can download Wallpaper Wizard from the Setapp. If you belong to the group of users who used to check everything out before making a purchase, this software product has a very lucrative offer – a free version, comprising 100 wallpapers.

A well-known software-maker designed the app for Mac users – Coppertino. Besides, it is deemed to be the most successful development.

A Short Overview of Design

When you download and install the application, you’ll see a beautiful and elegant interface. It is not cluttered with extra icons. You’ll notice this as soon as you download the app – there is a pretty hat on the screen (a wizard’s symbol). This is a very creative approach to the software design.

Having looked at the interface, you’ll notice a window, allowing you to set a background, which changes time. There are different ways to improve your wallpaper, but the most popular one is the use of a simple shortcut. It is very convenient for users because you aren’t made to go through a complicated procedure, aiming to change a background display pattern.

Gallery Review

You will probably be shocked, but the gallery is the primary privilege of this software product. You’ll hardly find any app, offering a wide choice of background graphics as this one does. The app comprises 488 albums, and each one is devoted to a definite theme. The collection is enlarged every month. If you care about the look of your Mac or you are tired of stock wallpapers, you will have a chance to be more creative with this application. Besides, the database of all those galleries is not kept on your laptop (they have their server to store all components).

It takes too much time to review all categories. You have an opportunity to create your library of the best albums, and the software will tell you how long it will take to use all of them. As soon as you decide what desktop patterns you like most of all, the app will offer to rotate them every 15 or 60 minutes (you can choose the most convenient interval). Wizard remembers what you prefer and offers you new albums, basing on your preferences. You can also sort the wallpapers by colors or some other criteria. Those, who used to work with multiple displays, can set either the same desktop pattern on both or select different ones.

There is one more feature that should be mentioned – the quality of all wallpapers added to the application. All of them are in HD format. You’ll enjoy their look. If you wish to create wallpaper, from personal photos, you can quickly do this. You can select several images and upload them to the server.

There is a possibility to share your favorite pattern off with your friends on social networking sites. To do this, you should select the patter, click the icon “Share Current Wallpaper” and you’ll be offered several options (to send a link to others, or share it on Facebook or Twitter).

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