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LoopLords have released a unique plugin that takes you back to the German electronic group Kraftwerk days. Their newest plugin, Kraft Sounds, is influenced by Kraftwerk's sound. 


Kraft Sounds was built for simplicity and not customization. It features 84 multi-sampled and handcrafted sounds. Each of the sounds have been meticulously crafted for richness and flexibility. The sounds come in a package of 3.1 gigabytes. Additionally, the user interface provides you with four analog modeled oscillators, high- and low-pass filters, an ADSR amp, reverb, and legato and voice mode selector. It's compatible as a VST, VST3, and AU on Windows and Mac. 

User interface

The Kraft Sounds user interface is fluid, but it's not attractive by any stretch of the imagination. The green background is an image of a highway, which (I'm assuming) is in reference to Kraftwerk's Autobahn album from 1974. 

The colorful background of the highway makes it somewhat difficult to read the text for each of the plugin's modules. After playing around with it, however, I quickly learned what each knob does. Like I mentioned above, Kraft Sounds was built for simplicity and not customizability. 

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Kraft Sounds has a plethora of unique sounds packed into its 3.1 gigabytes of data. 

An organizational feature I'd like to see added would be the grouping of the various 84 sounds. Currently, they're all compiled into one list. It would be nice to see them categorized: Effects, Basses, Synths, Pads, Arpeggios, etc. 

LoopLords Kraft Sounds Plugin Instrument List

LoopLords' Kraft Sounds instrument list

Final thoughts

Kraft Sounds achieves what LoopLords set out to do. At only $39, you can't beat the simplicity, 3.1 gigabytes of content, and endless fun and nostalgia you'll be exposed to with it. 

You can purchase LoopLords' Kraft Sounds along with their many other plugins here

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