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Album Review: Moise - Tangerine

Moise's Debut Album "Tangerine" Is The Perfect Blend of Electro R&B

Boston-based electronic R&B duo Mosie and their unique electro-influenced R&B style are ushering in the next big wave in future funk with their debut album Tangerine

The artists colorfully call their unique style “bratwurst bump” for one simple reason – “It’s fat, greasy, and juicy in the best way possible.” [Credit – The New Nine] The band includes vocalist and singer/songwriter Jesse LeVines and producer/instrumentalist Aidan Brody, a killer combo with a musical connection rooted in their shared training at Berklee College of Music.

Tangerine is an incredibly diverse album with sections that could easily fit in on a hip-hop mixtape, funk record, or retro pop project. You won’t even need to press “next” to hear a genre-bending switch-up because Jesse & Aidan don’t shy away from mid-song interludes that transition listeners between unique sonic experiences. You may find yourself checking to see if a new song began only to discover that you’re just halfway through your current listen. If you skip to one of the album’s many transitions you might even think you accidentally tuned into a radio ad from the 1950s.

The album’s versatility isn’t limited to Aidan’s production ability. Jesse shows off his vocal chops by singing and rapping as multiple characters on the album. Sometimes Jesse’s voice is heavily pitched to transform him into Bambi, one of his alter-egos with a style so divergent from his own that he actually credits Bambi as a separate artist on the album. The magic of Mosie is that they manage to incorporate this smorgasbord of sounds into an undeniably cohesive album.

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Tangerine is a well-executed concept album that takes the listener through two intertwined stories: the full course of a relationship, and the adventures of single night including a party, romantic encounter, dream sequence, and inevitable morning after. The two narratives follow the same path: dripping with warmth and positivity in the beginning but slowly becoming more nuanced and dark as the shine wears off. The lead track “Tangerine” includes the catchy refrain “summertime is closing in” that could hint at the blossoming honeymoon phase of a new relationship or a simple sunny evening before a summer party. One of the album’s final tracks “look@ugo” puts an energetic, bouncing spin on the relationship’s development as Jesse exclaims “I’m not past you breaking all my laws… make you feel pretty then throw me away! ” over a crisp, broken-down instrumental.

You don’t have to be closely following the story to appreciate how well Tangerine is crafted. Stand-out tracks like “Lemon-Aid/Pinocchio” show that Mosie can fully deliver on both hazy R&B and dark, experimental hip-hop while “High Life” applies Aidan’s contemporary production talent to a retro aesthetic that taps into mid-tempo funk vibes anchored by a wet bassline and highlighted by heavily filtered keyboard progressions.

Mosie took their fresh-squeezed album straight to SXSW this year and rocked four separate showcases, including one impromptu “sidewalk slap” that eventually got shut down by the police amid chants of “One more song!”. Check out the video of that crazy show here.

Even Austin PD couldn’t keep Mosie down for long - you can catch their unique live experience touring the east coast over the next couple of months. But first, check out Tangerine below and be sure to share the bratwurst bump with your friends.

This review was written by guest contributor Seamus Creedon

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