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One Gaslamp Killer Defamation Suit Dismissed, Other Proceeding After Rape Allegations

Gaslamp Killer's defamation lawsuit against his rape accusers continues on.
The gaslamp killer digs for records in amsterdam

The gaslamp killer digs for records in amsterdam

Since last October when two women accused Gaslamp Killer, real name William Bensussen, of raping them in 2013, and a subsequent countersuit a month later, there has not been too much news on the case. However it is moving along in Los Angeles courts, with some new developments happening in the past few days. One of the countersuits has been dropped, while another continues forward.

The lawsuit against RaeAn Medina, one of the alleged victims, was dismissed citing her anti-SLAPP motion. SLAPP stands for “strategic lawsuit against public participation,” which is a way to silence critics. She did not take to social media to share her story.

Tadros’ attorney’s said in a statement via Pitchfork, “We are pleased to have prevailed at the first stage of this litigation, the Court having dismissed William Bensussen’s lawsuit against RaeAn Medina in its entirety and a portion of his claims against Chelsea Tadros. As the prevailing parties, Ms. Medina and Ms. Tadros are entitled to payment of attorneys’ fees and costs from Mr. Bensussen.”

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A motion to dismiss the entire suit by Chelsea Tadros and her own anti-SLAPP motion was dismissed as well.

“This ruling is huge,” said Parag Amin, Bensussen’s attorney. “Of all the legal hurdles my client faced in bringing this lawsuit, this motion was the toughest to overcome. Because Bensussen is a public figure, the bar was extremely high. We had to show the Court that Tadros’s statements were most probably false and were most probably made with actual malice before we got to take any depositions or conduct any discovery.”

According to court documents viewed by Magnetic, witnesses including a housemate of Bensussen’s and experts have given sworn testimonies about what happened or what might have happened that day.

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