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Paul Kalkbrenner Details New Album 'Parts Of Life'

Paul Kalkbrenner returns with his first album 2015's 7.

Paul Kalkbrenner has announced the details for his upcoming album Parts of Life. He returns to Sony International, following the release of 7 in 2015, which was also on the major. He has unveiled the complete tracklist and release date.

Parts of Life is a 15-track, which was in part inspired by his mixtape trilogy, Back To The Future. He has been teasing the LP and its parts on social media over the past few days.

Parts of Life will be released on May 18. He has unveiled the second song on the album “Part Three” to go along with the announcement, which you can pick up anywhere online here.

Find the rather infuriating tracklist below that will bother anyone with an ounce of OCD.


01. Part Eleven

02. Part Three

03. Part Fourteen

04. Part Seven

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05. Part Four

06. Part Twelve

07. Part Two

08. Part Ten

09. Part Five

10. Part Fifteen

11. Part One

12. Part Nine

13. Part Thirteen

14. Part Six

15. Part Eight

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