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Pioneer and DJ Jazzy Jeff have partnered up to making scratch DJing easier for those that haven't quite mastered the technique yet. The all-new DDJ-SB3 controller is a two-channel controller that is built to be used with Serato DJ Lite, the free version of Serato DJ Pro. 

The DDJ-SB3 is an update to the DDJ-SB2. This new controller features Pad Scratch, which allows you to push a button and scratch away. The scratches automatically sync up to the track's BPM. The DDJ-SB3 also comes with a seamless FX Fade feature. "By reducing the volume and applying FX at the same time, FX Fade smoothly blends tracks--even those from clashing genres," states the product's page. FX Fade allows for a diverse eight combinations of four FX patterns: high pass filter, low pass filter, loop playback, and back spin. 

This new Pioneer controller makes it easy for a DJ of any skill level to pick up and get going. The DDJ-SB3 retails at $249. Check out the introduction video below. You can get more information here

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H/T: Engadget

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