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Playlist: Leftwing & Kody's 10 Favorite Tracks On Loco Dice's Desolat

Leftwing & Kody

Leftwing & Kody

UK house duo, Leftwing & Kody, real names Jon Kong and Chris Adie, have quickly broken out since forming in 2012. They have their own label Lost Records, which has released records from Darius Syrossian, Detlef, Yousef and others. 2018 continues to go from strength to strength with a new EP Snap Back out now on Loco Dice’s Desolat. In honor of that new EP, we asked the pair to share their 10 favorite tracks released on Desolat.

They dive into the catalog going back a while, picking out tunes from Sable Sheep, Butch, label boss Loco Dice and of course themselves.

Stream the Snap Back EP below before checking out the full playlist and pick up a copy of it here.

1. Leftwing & Kody – Snap Back

We had to put this at #1! Desolat is a label that we have looked up to for so many years and are honored to now be a part of.

2. Loco Dice – Detox

This one is legendary. Label boss, Loco Dice’s, "Retox" has that looping vocal sample and the driving percussion that adds to the perfect groove. Amazing record.

3. Francisco Allendes - Agility Queen

This was one of our anthems back in 2016 and we played it at every show. The track has some cool references to the raw Detroit sound in the cowbells and claps. We love the drum programming and the vocal chops – it’s a main room anthem for sure

4. Sable Sheep – Fallen Lead Showers

“I’m doing rhymes now, fuck the crimes now” – always a massive risk when you sample one of the best hip hop artists ever, but Sable Sheep did The Notorious B.I.G justice on this one. A slamming track that keeps on driving with that huge hi hat and the relentless wood block keeping the groove solid on this one.

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5. Traumer – Hoodlum

Not much needs to be said about this one. An instant classic from the day it was released. Hard to believe it’s four years old already

6. wAFF – Karimba

Our pal wAFF bringing his particular vibe to the label. We love the use of all the random samples on this track.

7. Tiger Stripes – Sisters

Another instant Desolat anthem. Those distorted, detuned stabs make the track instantly recognizable from the start. The addition of the solid percussion and that soulful vocal sets the track off. Then the introduction of that hypnotic synth line and that’s it – you’re stuck in the track forever!

8. Butch – LFO

An amazing artist who has the uncanny ability to make completely hypnotizing tracks with very few elements. This track is no exception – completely enthralling by adding the tiniest of elements as the track progresses around a falling and rising synth

9. Pawn Shop People – Children Of The Rave

Tribal drums! Love this one, it always goes off when we drop it.

10. Marco Faraone – Overvision

Another track full of amazing drum programming that keeps the groove. And once that ride comes in, there’s no escape – you’re hooked.

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