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Playlist: Sydney Blu's 10 Favorite New York City Producers

Sydney Blu shares classics from some of the best New York house music producers.
Sydney Blu

Sydney Blu

Canadian DJ, producer and label owner, Sydney Blu has released a new EP Do The Math on New York’s on Soup NYC today. To celebrate the two-track EP, we asked Sydney Blu to share her 10 favorite producers from the Big Apple. Her list goes through some legends like Danny Tenaglia, Roger Sanchez, Felix Da Housecat and Dennis Ferrer.

The new EP has two jacking, tech-house stompers built for the dancefloor. It is available now to purchase on Beatport now and then all other portals on the 30th. 

1. Joeski

Song: Joeski, David Herrero - Rise Up (Maya Recordings)

I love this record. It was my anthem in 2016! Joeski is a dear friend. I've known him since I became a DJ. In the last few years he's played a few of my Blu parties, I've released on his label, and I love playing his tunes in my sets! One of my favourite New York City producers: non-stop quality music.

2. Danny Tenaglia

Song: Danny Tenaglia - Turn Me On (Tourism Mix)

I used to pronounce this song as 'my FAVOURITE record of all time'! This song is one of the songs that led me to the dancefloor and influenced me to want to DJ. This song is one of the songs that made me fall in love with sexy, dark , deep house music. Liz Torres's vocals are perfect. When I think of New York City Danny Tenaglia is the first Dj that comes to mind. I used to fly (and I even drove once) down to NYC to see him at Vinyl and then Arc. 'Be Yourself Fridays' was his legendary night in NYC.

3. Honey Dijon

Song: Honey Dijon & Tim K featuring Sam Sparro ‘Look Ahead’ (Extended Mix)

Even though Honey is technically from Chicago I still remember her as an NYC DJ. One of the first times I saw her play was Sullivan Room in the early 2000's. I absolutely love this song. I used tho play the original by King Unique on vinyl. Very cool tune from her new album on Classic Music. I have been a big fan of Honey's for year years and have played with her in Toronto, a city that also loves her. It's great to see her success because she's really worked hard for it - it's inspiring to see.

4. Roger Sanchez

Song: Jamiroquai - Deeper Underground (Roger Sanchez Remix)

Roger was one of the first DJs I ever saw play. He is probably one of the first people that inspired me to become a DJ. I bought his vinyl when I used to play records and have become good friends with him over the last few years, releasing on his record label Undr the Rdr and hanging out in Miami, London or Ibiza. Definitely an NYC legend, I'm very happy to always work with him. I will be playing for him at 1-800-lucky Club on Wednesday March 21 this year for his Miami Music Week event 'Eve'. This song is his remix of Jamiroquai (my favourite band of all time) and I play this one on vinyl.

5. Dennis Ferrer

Song: Sabb - One of Us feat Forrest (Dennis Ferrer Remix)

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Dennis is such a legend. I love watching him DJ any day of the week. This remix is on one of my favourite's of his from one of my favourite labels Moon Harbour and I'm still playing it in 2018. 'Hey Hey' was such an amazing tune but this one is actually my favourite tune by him.

6. Felix Da Housecat

Song: Felix Da Housecat - Silver Screen Shower Scene

I also have this one on vinyl and love playing it and layering it! Looking forward to hearing the 2018 remixes coming soon. I heard a rumour a remix of this tune was coming with Montreal's Clarian.

7. Peter Rauhoffer

Song: Peter Rauhoffer - Believe in Me (*69)

I miss Peter so much! I miss his music, I miss playing with him and I miss his parties. This song makes me think of him and smile. *69 forever.

8. Boris

Song: Boris - Music Takes Me (Christian Smith Remix) [Transmit Recordings]

I love Boris and his label Transmit from NYC. A few years ago (2014) I was playing this tune EVERYWHERE. I remember playing it at the Toronto festival Digital Dreams during PEAK time. I'm absolutely in love with this record still. Christian Smith is also a producer that reminds me of New York. When I first started clubbing in NYC I remember going to Sullivan room's Tronic parties.

9. Harry Romero

Song: Harry Romero

Harry is a solid producer I've loved for years. I love watching his production videos and most importantly love his tunes. Owner of Bambossa Records, I've been playing a couple of his new tunes 'So Nasty' as well as his new tune on Sondos called 'Hesitation' which I have picked as my top tune from him (even Tania still reigns as a favourite).

10. The Scumfrog

Song: The Scumfrog - Spin (Blu Music)

Jesse is a long time friend. I started playing his music when he came out with The Water Song on Danny Tenaglia's Global Underground. Then he became known for remixing pop icons and turning the remixes into extremely cool House tunes. After that Jesse and I reconnected when I moved to Los Angeles and tried my hand at Burning Man one year. I think I was a pretty successful burner...even though it only happened one year! Over the year's he's produced great music. In 2016 I was really excited to sign one of his records to my label and this is it.

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