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A handful of DJs, producers, and musicians these days are self-taught. Others have a small amount of music theory experience, while others just have a little background in percussion. Everybody is capable of writing music if they put their mind to it, but some take longer than others. Thankfully, Plugin Boutique's Scaler plugin can help those that aren't as well-versed in music theory and scales as others.

Scaler makes finding chords and progressions intuitive. It comes built-in with 1,728 scales and modes and more than 100 genre and artist presets. The plugin can also analyze the key and scale you're using and suggest chords to complement your music. With features like note detection, scale selection, and chord suggestions, Scaler is a must-have plugin for musicians looking to up their creativity and expand their horizons. 

Plugin Boutique recently released version 1.2 for Scaler, which is a free update for registered Scaler owners and includes the following features: 

- Humanize velocities: velocity of each note within chords is randomized to provide a more natural playing style.
- Midi Export Length: select length of MIDI notes for export and drag and drop.
- Progression builder now handles up to 16 chords.
- Chord progressions in the progression builder can be played to the tempo of your DAW.
- New Chord Sets: Classical (8) K-Pop / J-Pop (6) Neo Soul (6)
- New Scales (11): Lydian augmented scale / Acoustic scale / Major Locrian scale / Ukrainian Dorian scale / Hungarian gypsy scale / Melodic minor scale (asc) / Half-diminished scale / Phrygian dominant scale / Persian scale / Neapolitan major scale / Neapolitan minor scale

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You can purchase Scaler for $49 via Plugin Boutique's website here

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