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Premiere: Arms & Sleepers Share "Be This Way" From Upcoming Album

Their new album Find The Right Place will be released on April 13.
Arms & Sleepers

Arms & Sleepers

It is rare that you get a good song in your Discover Weekly and then a few hours later get a premiere pitch for that group in your inbox. It was serendipitous with a side of creepy. American electronic music duo Mirza Ramic and Max Lewis, better known as Arms & Sleepers, are prepping a new album Find the Right Place out April 13th on Berlin-based label Pelagic Records. They are starting to unveil new singles and we are happy to premiere “Be This Way” featuring Steffaloo.

“Be This Way” is a shimmering and groovy piece of trip-hop with strong rolling sub-bass dominating the background, while fluttering keys and Steffaloo’s vocals are chopped, pitched and repeated throughout each drop. It blurs the line between relaxing and danceable.

The song actually has a pretty long history, but finally has been finished up for Find The Right Place.

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"This song was actually one of the first ideas we had for our previous album, dating back to 2016. It didn't fit the vibe of that album so we put it aside and didn't really think we'd use it on anything else. But as our new album started taking on a more aggressive sound, this track came back to life,” says Ramic.

“The instrumental version stayed pretty much the same as the demo version from two years ago, and it was Victor Ferreira of Sun Glitters who added Steffaloo's vocals on top. The vocals are in fact taken from an old Sun Glitters track, reworked a bit to fit our song. So like much of our recent material that relies heavily on sampling, these vocals were in a way sampled as well - by our co-producer, from one of his own songs.”

Find The Right Place will be released on April 13. 

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