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Coco & Breezy - Differences 3000

Coco & Breezy have been gaining a lot of attention in the underground scene for their work in fashion and music lately, and it's not hard to see why. They've designed some of the best unisex eyewear collections to come out of the US in recent years, rocked by everyone from Quavo to Demi Lovato to Prince, while simultaneously DJ-ing parties like Lil Uzi Vert’s birthday party and releasing serious jams that will have you all up in your feels out on the dancefloor. 

The sisters have decided to return with full force this 2018 with their latest song, "Differences." The track brings together a wide variety of different influences, and anyone looking for a song that could easily fit into one genre need not look here. The song bounces from R&B influences while moments of jersey and club music cascade through the track, making it an interesting listen that's sure to capture the attention of music fans across the entire spectrum of music fanbases. It's also light and fun while still being impactful and memorable- the perfect combination as we head into the spring. 

As for the meaning of the track, the identical twins indicate that they looked towards just that to create this song. They explain further- 

"The title “Differences” for this song reflects our growth as twins. All of our lives, we have been connected at the hip and never realized what our differences were. We have grown as women, and it's been such a fun journey to discover our differences as individuals that also make us stronger as a team." 

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They also mention that the song's R&B twang is attributed to their upbringing, and they point out Ginuwine's "Differences" as a particular influence for this track- 

"We remember being 10 years old when the original "Differences - Ginuwine" came out, and our parents would be bumping it while cleaning the house. We have vivid memories of going to Skateville, the skating rink, every Sunday and jamming to R&B music." 

All we know is that right now, we like this song as much as the classic Ginuwine tune. Check out the song below, and stream/download the track through your favorite online music platforms here

The song is out via DJ Shiftee's newly crafted label- Alma Mater Records. 


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