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Premiere + Interview: Sabb "Down Under," Talks New Label, Album 'Radiant'

We talk with the Kosovan techno producer about his new album, label and more.


Swiss-based techno producer Sabb is gearing up to release his debut album Radiant next month and is starting to slowly unveil singles one at a time. We are happy to premiere the second single from Radiant, titled “Down Under” with SIS.

Sabb crafts a slow-burning hypnotic track that gradually adds elements onto its steady bassline with distant cooing flute and fluttering melody.

“I produced ‘Down Under’ by always thinking of the beautiful country of Australia and the great nature the place has. After I had the idea I then spoke to SIS to see if we could collaborate on something for my album,” explains Sabb to Magnetic. 

“He put himself to work and sent me back this nostalgic piece of melody, which completed my/our track. I then edited, reworked and road tested it until we both loved how it sounded.”

"Down Under" will be released as part of Sabb’s upcoming album Radiant, which is slated for release on April 6. Following a series of singles and EPs over his career like 2015’s “One Of Us,” it was time for him to branch out into a full-length and start his own label.

We spoke to Sabb about the album and starting that label. Stream the premiere for “Down Under” below while you read. Pre-order Radiant on Beatport here.

1. What pushed you to starting the label now?

The original idea was to only make events with Radiant. Then I saw an opportunity; that I could also release some cool music through the brand. ‘Radiant’ the label was born when I started to think of where my album would fit best. I couldn’t think of any label where my debut album would work. With that in mind, and all the awesome music from producers around me I created the label as a way of getting it out to the world!

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2. What experiences, positive and negative, from working with other labels can you now apply to your own?

Well one or two negative, not so many really. Maybe sending the releases around, delayed payments, no vinyl, and the worst would be no press to power them. There are countless positive experiences of making new professional collaborations however; finding new fans from different labels who bump into your music, and so on..

3. What are your plans for the label?

I will try to release not only club music, but also musical pieces that you can really listen to at home, in the car and wherever you are. We will not release that much though, perhaps a couple per year.

4. It has been nearly a decade since your last album, though you were releasing singles and EPs. Why the delay between the projects?

Well firstly I became a dad mid 2016; everything changed with that in my life. I took a while to get back to music. After a few months’ family dedication, it was time to get on the album work. It was a tough year working on it non-stop and being a first-time father. I would go to the studio early in the morning and get home late at night most days.

5. After all of the smaller projects, did it feel good to get back into something longer and more personal?

It feels good; actually it feels great to have a vinyl from a year of work in your hands.

6. What separates the Swiss dance music scene from others in Europe, as it doesn't get the praise as say the UK or Spain or France?

The Swiss scene is awesome, very intimate not like the rest of the world with more bigger clubs. It is also very educated; people know what they go out for.

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