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Premiere: Let's Take A Summer Drive 'Together' With Millionyoung

Close your eyes and float away to this new one from Millionyoung.


Florida electronic artist Millionyoung is prepping the release of his fourth studio album next month titled Rare Form. After a flurry of releases at the beginning of the decade he has slowed down a bit, taking more time to work on an album. This has led to Rare Form and we are happy to premiere the latest single from the LP, titled “Together.”

Millionyoung delivers a tune perfect for a quiet summer drive. As someone looking out at dirty snow on the streets in New York, that mindset sounds perfect right about now. With soft percussion, airy melodies and Millionyoung’s distant and breezy vocals, this is will get you right for the summer. Bring on that extra hour of sunlight this weekend. There is a swaying danceable quality to the track, but mainly it has a very laidback, chillout feel.

We spoke to Millionyoung about the tune, the album and his start. Listen to the premiere and read on for the interview.

Magnetic" Where did you get your start in music?

Millionyoung: I started playing music in high school with friends, we did a lot of covers in the garage of stuff like Taking Back Sunday and Death Cab for Cutie. During this time I got into writing my own music, then when I was around 20 I started playing shows at clubs around Miami like Bardot and PS14.

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Magnetic: You have released several albums already in your career? What is different about Rare Form?

Millionyoung: The albums I've made in the past were usually written over a very short period of time, like a month or two usually. This new record covers a lot more ground with songs written between 2014 and 2017. At first I had something like 30 songs I wanted to release, but took time to sift through them and pull out the ones with a common thread. A lot of the lyrics on my older albums painted with a broad stroke, but each song on this record is tied to a specific memory.

Magnetic: What is the message of "Together?"

Millionyoung: This song I wrote in the living room while my girlfriend was taking a nap one afternoon. For me it's got the vibe of feeling a lot and trying to keep cool at the same time, since when I wrote it I was literally trying not to wake her up, hahaha.

Magnetic: I am currently sitting in my apartment with some thundersnow going on outside. Do you draw on the warm Miami weather for your music?

Millionyoung: I don't ever consciously try to infuse my music with tropical themes, but I can see how that finds it's way in. Growing up, my parents listened to a lot of stuff like Miami Sound Machine, Salsa, and Freestyle, so those vibes are definitely a place where I feel at home.

Magnetic: What inspired your decision to release Huracan for Hurricane relief?

Millionyoung: Well when Irma came through Florida, I like most people took shelter with my family. During that time I had brought some battery-powered keyboards with me, and between games of dominoes and watching the news updates, I was making some beats. Writing music always puts my mind at ease. Fortunately the area I was in made it through with minimal damage, but surrounding areas were hit pretty badly, and I just wanted to do something to help the relief effort.

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