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Premiere: Yuksek & Bertrand Burgalat Share Unstoppable New Disco, French Touch Single 'Icare'

Get funky to some damn good French touch from Yuksek and Bertrand Burgalat.


French DJ and producer, Yuksek has teamed up with his countryman Bertrand Burgalat to release a new unstoppable disco French touch tune “Icare.”

The track takes you right back to the 70s with its soaring strings that were common in the era, a ridiculously funky bassline, keyboards and sprinkling of vocals in the hook. It is a delicious slice of French touch that needs to be listened to again and again.

The tune came about from a mutual respect between the artists. It was done in only a day as well.

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"It's really a great joy and a great pride to have spent time with Bertrand as I have been impressed by his work as an artist and producer for many years and because he is a rare person," Yuksek tells Magnetic. "The song was done really easily, it’s basically a one day jam in the studio, two big boys playing with toys in a room (my studio is full of vintage synths and other instruments), enjoying ourselves doing a pure disco song. Then a few hours of editing and producing and 'Icare' was made."

Burgalat echoes those same sentiments about working with Yuksek.

“I’m not used to compose with someone else but I really wanted to try with Yuksek. I went to see Pierre-Alexandre in Reims, we spent a day in his studio, I was still a little inhibited but I felt a complicity and complementarity. He's fast, hardworking, instinctive, I loved doing that, playing, improvising," explains Burgalat. "When I hear the result it makes me want to start with him again and go further.”

The song also comes with a ridiculous video that features all sorts of colorful kaleidoscopic shots and photoshopped images of people, places and things from many different eras. 

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