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RIP Bento: The World's Best Cat Keyboard Player

Bento was just 9.
Bento Keyboard Cat

Bento the legend. RIP

Being inundated with shitty news has become part of life these days. Recently the world lost one of its purest souls – Bento the orange cat that rose to fame as a brilliant keyboarder and obvious Grammy snub.

According to The Spokesman-Review, Bento went up to cat heaven at the age of nine of March 8.

Bento became an internet sensation in 2009 when a video of him shredding on a keyboard went viral. He isn’t the original keyboard cat – that goes to Fatso who had the same human, Charlie Schmidt. However Bento, in the age of sharing and YouTube, became a star, appearing in a pistachio commercial, adoption commercials and doing the various cat conferences.

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Check out the tribute video for him below. It was a shame he never got to see the festival stage or collab with any big names. It would have been a smart move on their part.

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