Roland is a name that has been at the forefront of just about every DJ, producer, and engineer's career. Their revolutionary products continue to pave a path to creativity. Now they're releasing a new drum machine called the TR-8S. Roland state that "the TR-8S combines the best of its Roland heritage with modern production techniques and professional sound design. [It's] a forward-thinking, performance-tuned instrument unlike any other." 

The TR-8S comes pre-loaded with every sound from the highly acclaimed TR drum machine. Detailed circuit-models from the 808, 606, 909, 707, 727, and many other modified versions are among the sounds that come packaged with this new machine. 

The Roland TR-8S drum machine not only allows for the user to utilize samples that come packaged with the hardware, but the user can also use their own samples using the built-in SD card slot. "You can create a kit entirely from samples or mix and match with TR sounds for genre-defying drum tracks that demand attention," states the product's page.

You can store up to 128 various patterns on the TR-8S, which can be triggered solo or strung together to build different sequences. Each pattern allows for eight variations and three types of fills. 

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The TR-8S is also built with eight analog outputs that allow you to connect to your DAW or for individual processing and effects. 

The TR-8S is priced at $699. You can get more information on Roland's site here

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